Heartwarming: WORKING!!

  • Episode 5 of Season 2, they find a lost little girl and decide to take her in for a while and ask customers if they know the girl, in the meantime asking a hungry Kyouko to look after her. Some time in, the little girl is given a free slice of cake. As she is eating, the little girl notices Kyouko's hunger and goes up to her and offers the rest of it. With a forkful in hand, Kyouko hesitates on what to do with the cake until she feeds it to the little girl. Considering Kyouko's usual nature, it's something of a Pet the Dog moment for her. The rest of the cast think the same way.
    • At the end of the episode, after hearing Yachiyo mention she can't afford food herself (despite being the restaurant manager), and seeing that she managed to make it at least one day without eating the restaurant's food, Satou finally makes her a plate of food using ingredients he said was about to expire, and therefore unsaleable to customers.