Heartwarming / Wives and Daughters

The book:

  • Dr Gibson comes for Molly when she was left at the Towers. He figured out she would be more comfortable at home.
    Mr. Gibson was in the housekeeper's room, when Molly ran in, rather to the stately Mrs. Brown's discomfiture. She threw her arms round her father's neck. "Oh, papa, papa, papa! I am so glad you have come;" and then she burst out crying, stroking his face almost hysterically as if to make sure he was there.

The miniseries (1999):

  • In the book, Molly's father brought her her pony to ride on home, but in the miniseries, he takes her on his horse in front of him. Little Molly radiates happiness when she's almost in his arms and enjoys the closeness. It's such a beautiful moment between daughter and father!
  • When Molly and Dr. Gibson indulge themselves and they toast bread with cheese above the open fire, and eat those delicious pieces of toast.
  • Roger promises Osborne that he will lend him money. He's overwhelmed and says that he doesn't know what he did to deserve such a brother, but that he's very grateful he has him.