Heartwarming / Whodunnit?

  • Geno spends his post-mortem interview assuring his mother that he's not actually dead and is only wearing makeup.
  • During the second-to-last episode, Melina is the only one left from her group and therefore cut off from the rest of the remaining players, Kam's team. With only the information from the morgue, she deduced enough information to get an idea of what could be found in the other locations. The heartwarming part took place during the actual Morgue scene, where Melina is by herself with Ronnie's body. The reason why she was about to suddenly turn into "Melina Ace Detective"? She remembered all those time Ronnie said "if it's not making sense, you need to stop and think. She then proceeded to come up with her deductions using what she knew about Ronnie. She was also bouncing ideas off of Ronnie as though he could still talk to her... and it looks like it worked. It was almost as though the victim was still around, giving little pieces of advice.
  • After Kam wins, he and Giles share an amusing yet heartfelt hug, and all of the season's victims who had helped the final contestants for the finale's puzzle are outside to congratulate him.