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Heartwarming: White Dark Life

From the roleplays

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     "About dang time" 

  • Margaret's backstory, especially the latter half. Let's just say there's a very good reason it incessantly hyperlinks to "Pollyanna" and a large portion of the Love Tropes and Romance Tropes. Also, that Luigifan18 cried while writing it.

     "Fatty vs. Fairy" 
  • Tulip relating how she and Rudy first met. D'awww.
  • Legault saving Lily's unlife by allowing her to feed on him. Yes, it counts as a Heroic Sacrifice, even though Legault didn't die (though he did cut it extremely close). Again, writing this scene drove Luigifan18 to tears.

     "For tuna the can tolls" 
  • The reunion between Flora and Phillip. They make for an incredibly cute Battle Couple.

     "Easter Teeth" 
  • The reunion between Dream and her daughter Ophelia. That is to say, Dream snuck into Hell just to see her daughter again.
    • Priscilla reveals that Damien didn't just give up like Dream thought he did, as he is now working on a deal with Luke to reunite the family.
  • Uma FINALLY stops being a huge jerk to Matthew and starts to return his affection.
    • Only to do a 180 and reveal she wanted him to marry her doppelganger.
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