[[caption-width-right:350:Mommy loves her baby...]]
* ''Beasts'' has at least two. By the end of "Next of Kin" when the [[UsefulNotes/PrehistoricLifeMammals australopithecines]] team up to drive off the big cat ''[[UsefulNotes/PrehistoricLifeMammals Dinofelis]]'' from a threatened youngster, and when the matriarch of the [[UsefulNotes/StockDinosaursNonDinosaurs mammoth]] herd welcomes the delayed female and her calf in "Mammoth Journey".
** Making the ending of "Next of Kin" was that Blue was the ButtMonkey (IncrediblyLamePun recognized) of the ''[[UsefulNotes/PrehistoricLifeMammals Australopithecus]]'' tribe, an orphan who was basically a hanger-on to the tribe after his mother died. The fact the tribe considered him ''worth saving'' make it extra heartwarming.
* The ending to ''Walking With Dinosaurs'' would be a TearJerker, except for the very end, which shows (just like ending to ''Film/JurassicPark''), that even though the giant dinosaurs are gone their smaller relatives -- birds -- are still with us.
* The book version of ''[[ShootTheShaggyDog Giant Of The Skies]]'' makes the ending a tad more uplifting (no pun intended) when we learn that the old ''Ornithocheirus'' did not die in vain.
-->Despite this ignominious end, the old male was a success. In his 40 years of life he probably sired [[BabiesEverAfter several thousand offspring]] and it is likely that some of them were on this beach, competing and succeeding where he finally failed.
* At the end of the film, Scowler apologizes to Patchi for being a jackass to him, and Patchi finally becomes the leader of the herd. Not only that, but he also gets his girl (Juniper) in the end. He really did [[EarnYourHappyEnding earn his happy ending]] despite his rocky start.
** Scowler gets an earlier one when he sees Patchi return [[spoiler: after kicking him out of the herd]]. What's the first thing he does? Warn him to keep away from the attacking ''Gorgosaurus'' and get to safety.
*** Patchi rescuing Scowler is another one.
* When Patchi enters HeroicBSOD to the point of allowing the scavengers to eat him, Alex refuses to leave his side and convinces him that he should live. Talk about UndyingLoyalty.
* There are points in "Time of the Titans" where the baby ''Diplodocus'' almost sound like they're talking to each other. It's way cuter than it sounds. Also, [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter The baby Diplodocus in general]].
* Before it [[NightmareFuel went bad]], the whole subplot with the Cynodonts in the first episode. In particular...
-->'''Narrator:''' The bond between Cynodonts is extraordinarily strong: they pair for life.\\
(''said as the mother and father Cynodont [[{{WAFF}} nuzzle]]'')