[[AC:François-Marie Arouet]]

[[AC:Aurelio Voltaire Hernández]]
* Yes, from Voltaire. "Goodnight Demon-Slayer" is about a parent easing his child's nighttime fears. Google the lyrics sometime, it's absolutely beautiful.
** As well as being one of the most badass lullabies you will ever hear.
** Easing the kid's fears? Crowning Moment of Understatement. He flat-out tells the kid that the most dangerous thing in that bedroom is the kid, so anything that knows what's good for it is going to keep well away, and everything else is going to eat it's own butt for dinner.
** Try Crowning Moment of Misinterpretation. The last line conveys an entirely different meaning to the song; the world's a lot worse than a kid might think it is. Instead of being told that there are no (problems/monsters) in their (room/world), they're told to fight them. It's about standing up for yourself.
** It's all of those. He's telling the kid that the "monsters" in his dreams and imagination are nothing compared to him, if he can master his fear. By mastering his fear of the unknown as a child, he'll be able to face the monsters of the real world: other humans, dangerous in their own ways. In other words: don't be afraid of the monster under your bed, when the monster who would want to use and abuse you is much worse.
*** Or it could just be about a parent being pissed that his kid keeps complaining about monsters telling them to toughen up because life is going to get shittier... really depends on how you interpret it.
** At one of his concerts he said he wrote it for his son.
* "Anniversary", too. It's about a couple that's more in love every day, and the music's gorgeous.
* Don't forget "All the Way Down". Beautiful.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AR-ANpjpe8 The demo version]] is hauntingly beautiful.
* Don't forget that Voltaire wrote a song dedicated to Grand Duchess Anastasia, who was murdered at age 17. He even says the name in the Russian way, and some of the lyrics are absolutely sweet.
** "I kept your room just as you left it/There's not a toy out of place/Just in case the fates are kind/and you come back someday/I don't want to live without my little Anastasia!"
* In a subversion, "Stuck with You" ends with words of love.
* "Innocent", written to and about people who have been the victims of bullying and harassment, giving words of encouragement and reassurance that it's not their fault. What gets this troper is the bridge, where Voltaire invites the listener:
-->So let's wear black, let's blast Music/TheCure and [[Music/SiouxsieAndTheBanshees Siouxsie]]
-->Then we'll go see Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow, and then we'll forget to go home.
* The ending of "The Beast Of Pirate's Bay".
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ80F3P2JEA "So... I'm gonna do one song, but it's not gonna be by me, it's a song that inspired me. And, as I look around this room, I think it's very possible, it's very possible, that you guys had the same experience I had when I was a teenager, and everyone was telling me I was a weirdo and a freak and a pervert and a...y'know, I was just... a piece of shit, and they bullied me and pushed me around, and called me all sorts of names. One night, I went to see a film, and that film pretty much changed my life because it made me realize there were other people in the world like me. And so this is a song from that film, it means a lot to me and hopefully it means a lot to you too."]]