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Heartwarming: Voltage Inc

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    Pirates In Love 
  • In the "Pirates vs. Bodyguards" side story, the crew of the Sirius is transported forward in time, to a gala event hosted by the protagonist of My Sweet Bodyguard. The pirates have no idea what a Prime Minister is, but assume his daughter must be a princess, and refer to her as such for the duration of the story. When the bodyguards hear of this, Sora clarifies that she may not be a princess, but she is their princess. The other guys happily agree. D'aww.

    My Forged Wedding 
  • In Kunihiko's sequel, he and the protagonist reminisce about the "treasures" she used to give him when she was little — seaglass, pretty rocks, stuff like that. In one of his emails, he mentions he's kept all of them.

    Seduced In The Sleepless City 

    In Your Arms Tonight 
  • In Shohei Aiba's Another Story route, the protagonist makes a movie date with Koichi only for him to cancel on her at the last minute when she's already at the theater. When Aiba hears about this, he hurries to join her, claiming he finished his work sooner than he'd expected, and the two of them spend a pleasant evening seeing a movie and having dinner. It's only when they part that the protagonist realizes Aiba's going back to the office to finish all of the work he'd put on hold so that she wouldn't spend the evening alone and feeling down about being stood up.
  • Later in Aiba's Another Story, the protagonist finally gets the chance to return the favor: she has a dinner date with Koichi, but because of a critical mistake on his part Aiba is stuck at the office pulling an all-nighter to try to correct the error. Faced with the choice between supporting her colleague or trying to build her relationship with her husband, the protagonist calls Koichi and tells him that something has come up for work, and goes back to the office to help Aiba. When Aiba tries to protest, she counters by asking if that means he's fine with her not accepting his help any more, and pointing out that their working partnership is a two-way street.
  • At the end of Ebihara's route, the protagonist is in hospital after being hit by a car, and her unconscious mind has no defense against the despair that's been piling up over the past several months. The protagonist's dreams are haunted by images of Koichi, her parents and her in-laws, all making her decisions for her with no consideration for her feelings. Just when she's questioning whether anyone ever sees her at all, a new voice assures her that he does:
    Protagonist: (Thank goodness... You can hear me, right?)
    ???: Yeah, I hear you.
    Protagonist: (I'm glad... I was afraid I was alone.)
    ???: Don't worry. I'm with you. I'm on your side. Always.
    • Later, we find out that Ebihara has been sneaking into the protagonist's hospital room at night to bring her flowers. The above conversation probably really did happen.

    Be My Princess 

    Love Letter From Thief X 
  • In Kenshi's route, when the Lily Center falls into dire financial straits because of an accident, Kenshi flatly refuses to go to the Black Foxes, insisting that they only steal for the greater good and any money they receive is purely a side bonus. Conveniently enough, a job comes up anyway... and afterwards, the rest of the Foxes let the protagonist in on the fact that they arranged it for Kenshi's sake, and that all of them are donating their shares of the take to the Lily Center as well.
  • Also on Kenshi's route, Tatsuro warns Kenshi to leave the protagonist out of the Black Foxes' capers starting immediately, because the next time he gets evidence of her involvement he's going to have to arrest her. At the end of the route, after arriving just in time to save them from Sean Kim, Tatsuro calls it in... saying that he's apprehended Kim, but that the Black Foxes have escaped.
    Tatsuro: I don't know any thieves. The only person I see here is my childhood friend.

    My Sweet Bodyguard 
  • In Kurosawa's main route, we have the meaning of orange flowers. Subaru, Sora and Mizuki give the protagonist a boquet of orange roses after one of her drama club performances. Kurosawa explains that the colour represents "trust and close bonds." Later in the route (and one stay in the hospital later) the bodyguards bring Kurosawa orange roses because, quoth Sora, "You're our friend."
  • The latter half of Ishigami's sequel, when it's proved once and for all that the Party Police really do consider him a friend. Doesn't stop them from being floored later when Ishigami turns up at the Prime Minister's residence to thank them for their help, mind.

    A Knight's Devotion 

    Office Secrets 
  • Late in Shingo's route the protagonist is attacked by someone attempting to steal confidential material from her. She is fine and the papers aren't stolen from her, but when the story is relayed to her co-workers they all react with deep concern. It's a far cry from the doubt and indifference most of them felt for her in the prologue.

    Ten Days With My Devil 
  • Throughout Rein's route it's clear that he and Haruhito miss working with each other, and they're both looking forward to the day Haruhito gets to go back to being an angel. In the end, however, Haru chooses to take the blame for Rein's actions in saving the protagonist, arguing that as Cerby's owner it's his fault the protagonist's soul got delivered to the wrong angel. What's another 10.000 souls added to his sentence, if it means his friend gets to be with the woman he loves in the meantime?
  • Similarly, in Haruhito's route, Rein repeatedly warns Haruhito about repeating the kind of mistake that got him demoted in the first place, and also approaches the protagonist to make sure she knows what her presence could cost Haruhito if her death doesn't go off as it's supposed to. Although it makes him something of an antagonist for part of the route, he's obviously acting out of concern for Haruhito and the hope that they'll be partners again soon. When Haruhito rebels and runs away with the protagonist near the end of the route, Rein pops up to help delay the other demons, ensuring that the protagonist will be saved because that's what Haruhito wants.
  • In Meguru's sequel, there's a flashback to the day he and Kakeru met for the first time as children. Meguru was bullied and ostracized due to being the son of the king's former mistress, and was fully expecting the same from his older half-brother when they met. Instead, it turns out that Kakeru not only doesn't care about the circumstances of Meguru's birth, but is fully prepared to defend his little brother from anyone who would hurt him, because that's what brothers do.
  • In Haruhito's sequel, Kakeru offers the now human Haru a chance to go back to being a demon, while Rein offers to convince his superiors to let Haruhito back into the angel fold. In the end, Haruhito chooses to become a demon again, and the scene where he explains his choice to Rein and the two of them decide that it won't change their friendship is very sweet.

    Kiss Of Revenge 
  • On Narumi's route, his mother spends some time at the hospital as a patient. When she's released, he shows up to take her home, only for her to insist that she's fine and he shouldn't take time off work on her behalf. Like the good boy he is, Kyosuke brushes off her protests and walks his mom home. It's very sweet to see that there's at least one healthy, loving relationship in the setting.
  • In Issei's Happy Ending, when the protagonist makes up her mind to rush to Shimane in search of Issei, Junpei immediately offers to drive her to the airport. No hesitation, no reluctance, no wistful complaints about losing her, even though he's been in love with her since they were kids - instead, Junpei puts on the speed and expresses his honest hope that things will work out with Issei, because at the end of the day, what's most important to him is that she's happy.
    Junpei: I love that look on your face. It's this super great, super determined face... It's like you've broken free and are moving forward, or something...
  • All of Junpei's Another Story Epilogue. From Irie and Issei joining forces to make sure that the protagonist actually takes her day off, to her and Junpei just enjoying their time at the Oktoberfest like a normal, happy couple. Also, the protagonist turns out to be an affectionate and completely adorable drunk. It's wall-to-wall warm and fuzzy feelings.

    Dreamy Days In West Tokyo 

    Class Trip Crush 

    Our Two Bedroom Story 

    Kissed By The Baddest Bidder 

    Serendipity Next Door 

    Metro PD: Close to You 

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