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Heartwarming: Video Game High School
Season 1

  • Brian has wanted to play on a VGHS team since he was "E For Everyone". And he gets invited to join the school. This little conversation, though rather simple, is extremely powerful given the context:
    Brian's Mom: (as Brian is heading out the door) Where are you going?
    Brian: (slowly turns back towards his mother) ...I'm going to VGHS. (walks out)
  • Brian gets pissed at Games Dean and challenges him to a battle of Field of Fire in rage. While he's on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle which he is deliberately losing - or at least not trying to win - to get expelled, Jenny enters the game and bails him out, giving him a Rousing Speech in the process.
  • Before the guild tryouts in episode 9, Brian finds out that Ted and Ki dug his old mouse and keyboard out of the dumpster and repaired them, even though they had been destroyed by the Law. Brian decides to use his old gear for the battle instead of the standard issue VGHS equipment.
  • In episode 9, Brian tries out for a spot on the VGHS team at last. Once in the game, a couple of players start picking on him. Then:
    Games Dean: Hey! I've seen these two cats meow, and it's about to be a fancy feast tonight. (to Brian) You plan on bringing the thunder?
    Brian: You know it.
    Games Dean: Good enough for me. (fistbumps Brian)
    • Before the game starts in episode 9, the aloof teacher Ace teases Brian for being late again, but genuinely wishes him luck before Brian sits down.

Season 2

  • Episode 3 deals with each character's (except Brian's) parents. Naturally, we already know by this point that Freddie is a Manipulative Bastard towards his son, and Mary Matrix would rather act like a harsh coach than anything like a mother. But then we meet Ki's dad, Ken. After the episode is done, this much is clear; He and his daughter love each other very much. He would like to see her reach her potential, and claims VGHS might not be good enough for her. He does not care who she dates. And they are so close, they play Pokermon with kisses and chores as wagers. It's just the most adorable thing ever.
  • The end of episode 4. Throughout the episode, Brian has been having difficulty defusing bombs in Field of Fire, even though he claims he can normally handle it just fine. In the match at the end, when Brian is the only one left alive on the team, he has to disarm the bomb. He gets to the bomb and prepares to disarm it, looking nervous...when his pet cat, Cheeto, arrives on a RC car (It Makes Sense in Context), crashes into a wall, flies off the car, and lands on Brian's face. Jenny looks ready to pull Cheeto off...when Brian holds up a finger, silently telling her to hold on. He then manages to successfully disarm the bomb; not despite having a cat blocking his view - because he has a cat blocking his view. He didn't feel right trying to play the game without Cheeto there.
    • Even better; most viewers who remember the first season will recall that, constantly, Cheeto would attack and scratch Brian. They might think that when Cheeto is on Brian's face, he's just doing what he normally does - being a bother, possibly ready to scratch. Then, for a split second, Cheeto quietly mews and rests his head against Brian's headphones. He is hugging Brian.
      • Even better when Ki then manages to get Cheeto to become the school's mascot, avoiding having to throw him out as the rules demand, as no pets are allowed.
  • Episode five seems to be the episode dedicated for jerks with hearts of gold. Calhoun of all people goes out of his way to give some encouraging words to Brian in episode 5 when he hits the Despair Event Horizon, and Law for quite possibly the first time in his life comes to genuinely care about someone after Shot Bot performs a Heroic Sacrifice to help clear the Law's name.
    • This is followed by Jenny, Ki, and Ted coming to help Brian clean up the mess Calhoun is making him clean.

Season 3

  • When Ki's having a debate against Shane for student president, she declares that she will use the funds to help get better computers for the social gamers that she met earlier, who run on very primitive equipment (to the crowd's chagrin). Later in the episode, the social gamers give Ki their thanks by becoming her new campaign team.
    • This was also after Ki had accidentally insulted them by saying that they weren't playing "real games".
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