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!!Super Mario Sunshine Versus
* The finale, in which Josh and Tyler explain how much they enjoy recording together, with Josh going so far as to say the project "was meant to be"... Aww!
* Josh and Tyler reminiscing in the finale, and Josh reminding the latter that [[spoiler: while he lost, they both won within the time limit]]. Also, Tyler mentions that it's his very first time [[HundredPercentCompletion 100%-ing]] the game.
* Parodied when Josh asks Tyler to marry him.

!!Super Mario Galaxy Versus
* Donna pointing out the first episode was being recorded on the two-year anniversary of her first Let's Play, which was one of VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy. Tyler agrees that it's pretty cool.
* Tyler and Donna discussing how they're looking forward to visiting each other during the summer. (Unfortunately, a later episode revealed this was no longer going to happen, but as of one of the last few episodes, they're going to try again.)
* Both of them discussing their grandparents in episode 6.
* In episode 21 while we can hear the edge of a tornado near Tyler's house, Donna talks about how much she's scared of tornadoes and how she would cry if she heard Tyler was killed in one. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Of course, Tyler being Tyler]], he gets upset at the implication she ''wouldn't'' be sad if he was killed in any ''other'' way...

!!Luigi's Mansion Versus
* Josh doesn't even hesitate to help Tyler figure out what to do next when the latter doesn't know in episode 6.

!!Ocarina of Time Versus
* During the Finale, [[spoiler: Josh finally swallows his pride and admits that Tyler is better than him at the game, making Tyler's later victory all the more sweet.]]
-->'''Tyler''': [[BrickJoke That really]] ''[[BrickJoke is]]'' [[BrickJoke the nicest thing you've ever said to me.]] [[MomentKiller Even my vagina is crying.]]
-->'''Josh''': ...I hate you.
** Then later at the end of the credits, after five minutes of yelling and cursing, [[spoiler: Josh]] finally congratulates [[spoiler: Tyler]] [[SincerityMode sincerely]] rather than angrily.

!!Mega Man 1 Versus
* As of Episode 1, the dynamic between the Tyler and Tim is very cordial and relaxed as opposed to the loud, brash rivalry between Tyler and Josh. It's clear that Tyler respects Tim immensely, and Tim is his bighearted CloudCuckoolander self, and they get along very well with little to no insults traded between the two.

!!Super Mario Sunshine Versus 2
* During Episode 8, Tyler and Josh decided they would do a drinking game during the episode. Naturally, they began to get more and more drunk throughout the episode, which led to some pretty funny moments. The Heartwarmer happens at the very end of the episode, though. Tyler talks about how he was nothing special before YouTube, and how it has changed his life. Then Josh says that, despite how much he picks on Tyler, he doesn't really mean any of it, and that he considers Tyler to be a really close friend. [[MoodWhiplash Then they both decide to take another shot, and their drunken sides take over again.]]

!!The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
* In episode 2, Tyler comes out as gay in a low-key fashion, and goes into more detail in a comment. The reaction from fans is almost nothing but positive.

* Josh gushing about how much he loves ''VideoGame/DigDug'' in that versus.