Heartwarming / Vampire: The Requiem

  • The opening fiction for Ghouls is the story of a beaten and broken ghoul being teased viciously by his regnant, the stereotypical female vampire (withholding blood, doing torture, withholding sex, etc). After a look into his thoughts about his life and times with her, the ghoul begins to think about betraying her by trapping her in a room exposed to sunlight. Cue the Kindred's appearance: someone seems to have already tried to do that to her. Now she's beaten and broken as well, and then she begins to call on her loyal ghoul for help seeking shelter while regenerating her immortal wounds. He does, completely discarding his treacherous plan.
    • Taken even farther in that, while the Ghoul is starved for Vitae, a friendly female ghoul offers to help him out, since her Regnent just fed her. Now, he'd notice any new cuts or punctures on her body, but it just so happens that right now, this woman has a way to give blood without leaving marks. Squick ensues as she lifts her skirt.
  • At the end of Gangrel, Alice drains her nephew Little Jack dry, then, in despair, Embraces him. The story is continued in Nosferatu.
  • Some people join their Kindred lovers in undeath, fully understanding the horrible existence to come, under the impression that their love is indeed worth hell. In the case of the Lancea Sanctum, their main creed actually does believe that hell awaits! But they Embrace out of love anyway.
  • The Burakumin may look terrifying but their history is quite sweet. After spending hundreds of years being treated as scum by other Kindred, these guys help Japan recover after WWII and as a result have finally gained the respect they deserve.
  • In 2E, the very concept of Touchstones. Basically, these are places, objects and people who vampires keep contact with order to keep a grasp on their Humanity; they help them remember what being human feel like, and allow them to retain goodness and humanity rather than give in to the Beast. When they are people, they frequently are friends, relatives and other loved ones which Kindred keep close contact with. They are possibly the one thing capable of calming down a frenzied vampire, because most Kindred would never dare hurt their Touchstones. Moreover, they are immune to the Clan's Banes... including the Nosferatu's curse, meaning even the Haunt can interact with them just fine without fearing to drive them away.