Heartwarming / Vampire Reviews

  • In her Vlog of The Moth Diaries, hearing Maven get so excited and passionate about the old Gothic style of vampires.
  • As Elisa tweeted after the Hotel Transylvania vlog (the first Maven following TBF), a certain baseball cap suddenly appeared on top of one of her skulls. That's morbidly sweet and morbidly funny at the same time.
  • It was recently announced that Elisa has gotten engaged to Paul "Paw Dugan" Schuler.
    • As of October 13, 2013, they are now married!
      • As of Feburary 2014, they are having a baby!
      • As of August 13, 2014, the baby was born!
  • Hearing about how the other That Guy with the Glasses reviewers supported her when she made her first Vampire Review in the Interview with the Vampire Commentary.
  • Her complete glee over Only Lovers Left Alive and how great it is.
    I'm ze Maven of ze Eventide, and... here's to the future of vampire movies!
  • In “Count Von Count”, she shows off her baby reading “Interview With A Vampire”, and it's cute as heck. The stinger is even more adorable as he sneezes in a drooly way.
  • Elisa's cameo as Maven of the Eventide for Linkara's April 6, 2015 review of Vampire: The Masquerade--Bloodlines. She has baby Grey in her lap, and informs Linkara that she can't review the video game, despite its connection to vampires, because she has to care for "this child of darkness." Grey being in the most giggly of moods just makes the joke that much better.
  • When she re-uploaded her 30 Days of Night review, she also announced that she'd be making new videos again. Cue dozens of comments cheering, "Yay! You're back!"
    • And how did her next review (The Lost Boys) open? "I am ze Maven of ze Eventide. And velcome to Vampire Reviews! ...I missed you, too!"
  • All the Baby Gray cameos in her Hotel Transylvania 2 review.