Heartwarming / Unforgiven

  • As explained in the last entry of this Cracked article, the relationship between Munny and his deceased wife. There is nothing at all in the movie to explain why she fell in love with Munny, just that she did, and stuck through with him despite his dark past. And likewise, Munny must have seen something in her too; he was an outlaw from whom legends are made, with great ruthlessness and great skill—and he put it all down for her, to be a simple, struggling farmer.
  • In the end, William and his children go to San Francisco. William prospers in selling dry goods, finally being able to leave behind his violent past life and find redemption not as some avenging hero but as an honest businessman.
  • Munny gives a two-for-one; Delilah mentions to Munny how his partners are using their reward as a kind of credit line to spend some time with the other prostitutes, and offers to spend some time with Munny himself, who declines. When Delilah thinks that it's because of her scarred face, Munny reassures her that it's because of his faithfulness to his late wife, but also that if not for that, he would take her up on her offer, and that she's still beautiful.
  • The fact that the other Prostitutes were willing to pay so much money to help their friend is sweet, despite the purpose being misled at the very least.