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Heartwarming: Uncanny X-Men
  • In Issue 2:
    • Despite the fact the Emma Frost and Scott went through a...messy break up, both parties comfort each other in the face of losing control over their powers and decide to remain amicable, even if their relationship is over.
    • Cyclops getting a warm welcome from Eva's Mother for keeping her safe.
  • In Issue 4: The Stepford Sisters reconnecting with their mother, Emma, after learning how she lost her powers.
  • In Issue 5: Scott comforting Illiyana, even going so far as plan to escort her to Doctor Strange and risk a confrontation with the Avengers to get her help with her powers.
  • In Issue 8: Magneto declares he has more faith in Scott than anyone else, despite everything.
  • In Issue 9: Emma supports Irma's decision to change her appearance and Christopher as well. Fabio gets captured as well and even though they don't have to save him since he knows nothing, Scott won't abandon him.
  • In Issue 10: A group of normal, non-powered human people protest against the government's attempts to arrest Cyclops, pointing out that Scott and the X-Men have always been there for humanity even when the US have sent sentinels to kill them all, and basically cite all the problems X-Fans had with the way Cyclops was treated during the final chapters of AVX. The protesters call for his acquittal, all of whom do so while wearing costumes modelled after the X-Men and baring signs that say things like 'I'm a Mutie lover' and similar. As Scott puts it, its the first sign of Xavier's dream coming true, and its so touching that Scott, for the first time in his life, is unable to really finish a speech, seemingly brought to tears by their support. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker, as Scott notes how it breaks his heart that Xavier's not alive to see it, calling back to his earlier statements of wishing it was he who died that day instead of Xavier.
    • Also, after the Avengers and Fantastic Four are criticized by the crowd for trying to arrest Cyclops, Scott tells them not to blame either of the group, since he knows that they're all good people, despite his differences with them. Considering that the Avengers condemn him every chance they get, its pretty noble of him.
      • And before that, there was his insistence in contacting the Fantastic Four for help when Magik is accidentally sent a minute forward in time. This issue was really big on showing that Scott is still a pretty decent person at the end of the day.
  • In Issue 14: Emma Frost taking Benjamin under her wing and helping him with his powers.
  • In Issue 15: We have the girls telling Illiyana she's the Cool Teacher of the bunch. Given everything she's gone through that's just touching.
  • In Issue 16: We have the same normal people from Issue #10 still supporting Mutants after Cyclops defended them the first time, even after a Sentinel attack.
  • In Issue 18: Pretty much every interaction between Kitty and Illyana. There's no making up, yelling at each other or distrust or the like. It's as if nothing ever happened between the two.
    • Old and young Cyclops' conversation alone counts, with it being the first showing of them getting along in such circumstances, and both of them are smiling meaning it's a rare occasion of adult Scott actually being happy.
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