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Heartwarming: Ultimate Sleepwalker
  • When Rick was trying to deal with his anger and resentment at Sleepwalker becoming trapped in his mind, he became cold and distant to his friends, who began considering him a Jerkass. But when Rick's life falls apart for a second time after his parents are killed and he suffers a nervous breakdown, they come to help him when he needs them the most.
    Julia: Are you going to be...
    Rick:...Do you know if they've told Bobby and Leah yet?
    Cyrus: No, we don’t. They might have, but we haven’t heard anything yet.
    Rick: You haven't heard anything...Wait, what-you’ve been here the whole time?
    Kenny: Come on, man, what did you expect? We’ve been holding the fort. Wouldn’t you do the same for us?
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