Heartwarming / Ugly Betty

  • When Wilhelmina and Betty have both been let down and Willy shares her drink with Betty in silence.
  • Claire and Brad reconciling before Brad's death.
  • "Zero Worship." Daniel decides to run an alternate fashion show that uses plus sized models. After Betty glomps him, this conversation follows.
    Betty: Wait... is this really about the girls? Or is it about the publicity? Or is it about getting back at Alexis?
    Daniel: A little bit of everything. But mostly, it's for you.
  • After Alexis and Wilhelmina take a detour of their "girls night out" to a bar, the former meets a guy who seem to be interested in her, and gets Alexis to write her number...only for said guy revealing he only did it as part of a bet to see if he could get the number with the knowledge she used to be male. Wilhelmina, in response socks him and literally walks over him to defend Alexis.
    Wilhelmina: What are friends for? Come on, let's get out of here.
  • In "Betty Suarez Land", Daniel's forced to acknowledge that DJ isn't actually his son and spends most of the episode frantically trying to figure out a way to keep DJ with him. DJ finds out the truth towards the end of the episode and runs away briefly. When Daniel finds him, they talk about how DJ really wants Daniel to be his dad and how Daniel wants DJ to be his son, but he can't be, and DJ has to go back with his grandparents. (Also a fairly major tearjerker.)
  • The second half of "The Past Presents the Future".
  • It's a minor thing but in "Brothers", Alexis seems genuinely happy when Betty complains about having to bleach her mustache every time when she finds out Alexis uses a hormone patch for hers. It's most likely because it's the first "girl talk" Alexis had since her transition.
  • In "Giving Up The Ghost", Wilhelmina arrives to poach MODE employees for her new magazine. While insulting Alexis by claiming her father thought of her as a "circus freak", it's Betty who attempts to have a go at Wilhemina in defense of her. It shows that she cares for Alexis as much as she cares for Daniel, despite not interracting with her just as much.