Heartwarming / 12 Angry Men

  • The end of the original film, when jurors #8 and #9 tell each other their names before departing company.
    Juror #9: Hey, what's your name?
    Juror #8: Davis.
    Juror #9: Mine's McCardle. (pause) Well, so long.
  • When Juror #7 looks at Juror #3 with as much sadness and pity as everyone else while he's on his rant near the end of the film. You can tell that he does care about what's happening now.
  • After the verdict is reached, and Juror #3 has been left in a wreck after his Villainous Breakdown and Heel Realization, Juror #8 grabs #3's coat and helps him into it. After all the antagonism and vitriol #3 had for #8 through the entire movie, #8 is still willing to extend that minor olive branch, which #3 accepts.
  • Juror #6 standing up for Juror #9 when Juror #10 goes off on him, saying that the older man has earned some respect just because he's older, and thus has been through more. "Someone who talks that way to an old man deserves to get stepped on. Know what I mean?"
  • One in the stage play, combined with a Tear Jerker after #3's Villainous Breakdown. #8 just quietly says, "He's not your boy. He's somebody else. ...Let him live."