Heartwarming / True Romance

  • "You're so cool. You're so cool. You're so cool."
  • Clarence, even though he could easily just take Alabama and leave, goes to Drexl's to get her stuff and tell him Alabama is no longer his concern. For his troubles, he gets the shit beat out of him, but he manages to turn the tables on Drexl and kills him violently via Groin Attack. What does Alabama say when he comes back?
    Alabama: What you did...what you did...was so romantic!
  • While Cliff is certainly not one to hide his criticisms about his son, he also makes it clear that he loves Clarence and is always happy to see him. The famous "Sicilian Scene" clarifies this further as Cliff not only lies about not knowing Clarence's whereabouts but even pulls a Heroic Sacrifice by goading Vincenzo Coccotti into furiously killing him rather than telling them where Clarence and Alamba went.