[[caption-width-right:350:[[DanceOfRomance AND SO THEY DANCED.]]]]
* Jakob and Catherine in Act 3. Dawww...
** [[spoiler: And it continues well into Act 4 when Jakob stands up for Catherine, and into the epilogue, when they finally kiss.]]
* Later in Act 4, [[spoiler: Banter and Daniel]]. *sniff*.
* Most of the epilogue counts as this- just to list a few moments...
** [[spoiler: The pumpkin icon being changed. Over Jackobel's rather imposing face, the author has drawn over him with a winking Daniel.]]
** [[spoiler: Elias making Daniel his first mate. Even calls him Dirty Dan.]]
** [[spoiler: The opening, where Jakob and Catherine fix their connection and ask if we can see them.]]
** [[spoiler: Learning that Murphey, while not with the others right now, is ok.]]
** [[spoiler: After telling us the story about how Daniel got the bag, Banter says after Daniel took out Jackoren, he took him trick-or-treating.]]
** [[spoiler: Elias holding his own party with Banter and Daniel.]]