Heartwarming: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

The 2001 anime:

  • Ultra Magnus has a very memorable moment in the episode "The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus". When Megatron starts stomping on the Autobot brothers, concern for them causes Ultra Magnus to receive an exponential power-boost. The energy is then transferred into the three Autobots, who then use there new strength to blow Megatron away. While it's a small moment, it's the first of many that proves Ultra Magnus isn't all that bad a guy.
    Ultra Magnus: Leave them alone Megatron!
  • Karl in the episode "Mistaken Identity" was pretty supportive of his friend Koji. First by volunteering to pose as him so he could spend time by himself (without overbearing Autobots). Then by asking for Fortress Maximus's help, rather then trying to simply command the titanic Autobot.
  • In the series final episode "Final Battle", Optimus pleads with Ultra Magnus to put aside their past differences once more. And unlike the last time (where Magnus tried to kill Optimus instead of listening to him) this time he not only listens, he actually agrees, sort of.
    Optimus: Magnus, you came to earth for the Matrix. But you don't understand the responsibility that comes with it. It's my duty to stop Galvatron and protect the earth!
    Ultra Magnus: Oh I understand alright.
    Optimus: Then why did you remove me from the battlefield? We have to go back and fight!
    Ultra Magnus: Right now pal your in no shape to fight anybody.
    Optimus: You're right. And that's why I'm asking for your help this one last time.
    Ultra Magnus: Wait a minute, are you sure your really Optimus Prime? Cause that sounded like a request, not an order.
    Optimus: Magnus, I never wanted to control you. I wanted you to join the Autobots because of your value as a member of our team. Maybe we'll resolve our differences. But right now the only thing that matters is stopping Galvatron. Will you help me?
    Ultra Magnus: ...One last time, we'll stop Galvatron together.
    Optimus: Thank you Magnus.
    • By the end of the series, Sky-Byte not only escapes capture. He's apparently reformed too.

The 2012 Comic:

  • Omega Supreme and Metalhawk's conversation in the annual, which single-handedly gives Metalhawk his hope and idealism back after it had been shattered by his experiences.
  • In issue 12, the Decepticons have finally degraded into violence after Prowl bombed their home and Megatron returned. When they take to the streets rioting, it cuts to Blurr in his bar welding plates down over the windows and door "Battening down the hatches" as he says. He asks if anyone wants to leave, and the scene shifts to Jazz, Sky-byte (the entertainment), and the patrons, Zetca, Tappet, Hippotank, Sqwawkbox and Octane (now called Tankor). The last two Decepticons say that they're fine, with Tankor/Octane admitting that despite being Decepticons, they like it here. It's especially neat when, back in the Ongoing, when Swindle questioned why they fought, Tankor said it was because they were Autobots.
  • A really warped one takes place in issue 14. The Reveal shows that Prowl isn't really becoming a new villain. He's just another victim.
  • In issue 16 after Blurr is hurt saving him, what's the first thing famed Con Man Swindle does? Risk his life and drag Blurr to safety while turning against Megatron and his loyalists. He does this despite the fact that he's missing an arm. When Zetca asks him why, Swindle's response sums up to: "Well somebody had to".
  • In issue 18: Arcee branding herself with a makeshift autobot insignia using her own sword to carve it on her shoulder, and also deciding to stand guard outside Bumblebee's room as he recovers.
  • In issue 21 Soundwave chooses to stand against Shockwave and his plan because Megatron gave hope to the underclass when he first rebelled and working with Shockwave would undermine that hope.
  • Soundwave's backstory as revealed in issue 22. He was just a poor, mentally ill person living on the streets, unable to even remember his real name. One day he met Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw and the three taught him to control his synesthesia. They became True Companions, so close that the mere thought of Ravage getting injured causes Soundwave to fly into an Unstoppable Rage. It's explicitly noted that Soundwave is the only person who ever treated his cassettes like people due to the Functionism of the time.

The 2015 Cartoon:

  • Hank's earnest attempts to get Russell to play football with her and the other kids. She had only met him that morning, yet she was determined to help him fit in and have fun with them.
    • Grimlock later insists that Team Bee go and watch Russell when he plays with her and the other kids again. When Russell kicks a field goal, the whole team cheers for him.
  • When Grimlock suddenly starts attacking the rest of the team in "True Colors", it's Sideswipe who continues to defend the Dinobot against accusations of being a traitor.
    • Grimlock is also Fighting from the Inside the whole time, preventing Minitron from killing his friends and even from attacking the far more vulnerable Russell.
  • Chop Shop (his sentient right arm anyway) of all bots has a moment in "Even Robots Have Nightmares". When Russell is being chased by Nightstrike, and Denny is to busy desperately trying to free the Bots to help. Bumblebee, now conscious actually asks the Decepticon to protect the humans (who he points out have never hurt him) from Nightstrike. Though the Con heads for the door, when he spies a can of paint, he flings it at Nightstrike, temporarily blinding him. Chop Shop even gives Bee a smile and thumps up before leaving.
  • Sort of a Fridge Heartwarming moment; in "Ghosts and Imposters" the gang goes to the Western part of the continent, which looks very much like the area around Jasper, Nevada. Bee says it's one of his "favorite places on Earth".