Heartwarming: Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Issue 6:

  • The end of issue #6 has Rung comforting Fort Max after Max is shown footage of his torture at Overlord's hands thanks to Rewind being poised outside the window of Rung's office. Max is crying on the floor while Rung tells him not to watch and that they don't have to do anymore that day. Despite the fact that Max had just taken Rung and Whirl hostage, had ripped off Rung's thumb because he was using its built-in radio to transmit the conversation to Rodimus, AND was about to kill one of the two, Rung still recognizes it's all because of how deeply Max has been scarred by his experiences in Garrus 9 and Rung still has a "duty of care" towards Max as his patient. The fact that almost immediately after this Rung's head is blown apart because Swerve is a terrible shot and missed Max makes the whole thing even sadder.

Issue 7:

  • The Decepticon scavengers. Sure, they've got their personality quirks, and they're not shy about killing, but it's kind of nice to see Decepticons who aren't actively out to kill anyone so much as they're just trying to get by.
  • Fulcrum, near the end, reveals that he's rather elated at the idea of the war being over, and not having to follow orders that could get them all killed.

Issue 8:


  • In the Annual Swerve has a Dead Person Conversation with Ore about faith, and what to do when the War ends all the while pretending to be Pipes. He "confesses" his guilt over shooting Rung, and asks for his opinion on the matter. After hearing some selfish reasons, Ore tells "Pipes" that he considers Swerve a scumbag, but later elaborates on it, and helps Swerve come to terms with what he did.
    Ore: "Take your mate Swerve - he's beating himself up because he shot whatsisface, yeah?"
    Swerve: "Yeah. Yes. He feels terrible about it."
    Ore: "See that's important. If it didn't bother him then he really would be a scumbag."

Issue 11:

  • The end of issue 11 with Skids bringing Rung out of the Coma.

Issue 12:

  • In issue 12 we have Whirl giving a transplant to Rewind after he accidentally caused him to get injured while trying to kill Cyclonus (long story). Chromedome is so happy that he hugs Whirl.
  • At the same time as the above scene with Chromedome and Whirl is going on, Tailgate pours some of his Innermost Energon-that is, the Energon around his own spark casing-into a vial to leave near Cyclonus as part of a ritual Cybertronians partake in to show how much they care about another that he learned about from Chromedome. Rewind has many such vials that have been left for him; Cyclonus has none. However, as he's leaning over Cyclonus to deposit it, Cyclonus awakens and grabs Tailgate's arm, causing him to drop the vial so it shatters on the floor. When asked what he was doing, Tailgate awkwardly tries to say that it was just a ritual, only for Cyclonus to coldly rebuff Tailgate for thinking they share a bond and that Cyclonus doesn't care and finds him pathetic. He then turns to leave, but then stops, looks back at all the vials that were left for Rewind, before finally turning around and silently kneeling down to help Tailgate pick up the pieces of the vial, signifying that they do, in fact, share a bond. Especially since Tailgate was the only person who actually cared that Cyclonus had been injured in the same explosion that hurt Rewind (shielding him from it, no less) and Chromedome had even earlier expressed his dismay to Tailgate's face that Cyclonus had survived (though he followed this up by saying that, while he did mean it, he regretted saying it to Tailgate).

Issue 13:

Issue 15:

  • Just before everything goes to hell, Rung goes to Fortress Maximus' cell, where Maximus apologizes for threatening and torturing him several issues back. Rung just clasps the remorseful warrior's hands gently.
    Rung: []...I've been around for a while, now...I've learned to forgive anything.
  • Ratchet's instructions to Rodimus as he and Drift are about to face down Overlord while he seals off the Medbay.
    Ratchet: Tell First Aid he's ready, tell Whirl he can have my hands and tell all my patients they'll have to make new appointments.
    • Quite honestly, the fact that Ratchet is willing to donate his hands to Whirl of all 'bots (a pair of working hands being the thing Whirl has wanted most ever since he'd had Empurata forced on him) says a lot about Ratchet right there.
      • Also referring to Drift as his friend the line before. Throughout the comic, the pair of them have often had issues, almost coming to physical blows during the Annual. But when it counts, Ratchet doesn't hesitate to stand with him.

Issue 16:

  • Issue 16 has Rewind's last message to Chromedome which basically amounts to Rewind encouraging Chromedome to move on and be happy without him and before saying "I love you" to him one last time.
    "Your attention for a moment. This is Rewind, showing you edited footage from my database. I've probably got 0.8 seconds before game over, so hear me out. I've always been terrified that you'd die before I did, because you and me apart strikes me as intensely wrong. So promise me something. Be brave. And be strong. And keep going without me. And another thing: no more injecting. It will kill you. And remember: you deserve to be happy. The New Institute was the old you. You're a better person now—stubborn and frustrating, but wonderful. And to think, I will never see you again. One more thing—one last thing—because I don't say it enough: I love you."
    • In a more subtle moment, Cyclonus comes to the funeral to the surprise of Tailgate. He explains that Chromedome invited him. The same Chromedome who had once wished Cyclonus dead.
    • Brainstorm stepping in to convince Chromedome to preserve Rewind's memory.

Issue 17:

  • In issue 17, when the away team on Luna-1 discovers the planet is a giant "hot spot" of a billion Cybertronian sparks just waiting to be born, their reaction is quite touching. The looks of pure joy on Rung and Ratchet's faces when they realize just what Luna-1 actually is is especially good.
    • A rather subtle one: As the ship approaches the portal to Luna 1, Rodimus brings the crew up to the bridge and tells them that their going in. He asks if any of the crew wants to leave now and basically admits that he would understand if they all left him. No one leaves.

Issue 18:

  • In issue 18, there is something heartwarming about Whirl asking Cyclonus to join him in buying time for the others to escape, and Cyclonus going along with it. And remember, they both hate each other.
  • Skids explaining how far he'll go to protect the crew of the Lost Light after they took him in to the horde of Legislators he's currently fighting.
    Skids: You're here because of me. Anything you do-anyone you hurt is on my head! How dare you?! How dare you show up and attack my friends? I turned up on their doorstep with memory loss and a far-fetched backstory and they took me in. They took me in, no questions asked. Well, maybe they should have asked questions! Maybe if they'd asked questions we wouldn't be here and good people wouldn't be dying on my behalf! And I'll tell you something else-I'd sooner die-I'd sooner die ten times over-than see any of them come to harm. In summary? I win.
    • He does win, too. At least momentarily.

Issue 19:

  • Cyclonus hints that he's in Luna-1 searching a cure for Tailgate.
  • Also, the fact that Whirl seems to earnestly attempt to turn a new leaf with Cyclonus..

Issue 20:

  • When Tyrest flicks the killswitch, we see the effects throughout the universe... and over on Cybertron, Soundwave is cradling a dying Ravage. Even a scheming tape deck loves his kitty. This is even more heartwarming after you read the "Soundwaves" story in Robots In Disguise which came out right around this time, where you find out that Ravage, along with Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, saved a maddened and dying young Soundwave from suicide.
    • Tarn, of all people, shows concern for Kaon when the latter suffers from the effects of the killswitch.

Issue 21:

  • Cyclonus and Whirl seem to finally bury the hatchet. Apparently so does Chromedome, although Cyclonus was oblivious of Chromedome's resentment.
  • Tailgate makes Cyclonus a replacement horn for the one Whirl knocked off. It's adorable.
  • Cyclonus singing to Tailgate on his deathbed. then Cyclonus finally saving Tailgate from his cybercrosis. Bonus points to Chromedome as well, accompanying Cyclonus on his vigil, the same Chromedome that in Issue 12 remarked he wanted Cyclonus dead for his attack on Kimia.
  • Another unexpectedly heartwarming moment is when Kaon is saved from the Killswitch's effects, he is shown being nuzzled by his obviously concerned-looking Pet; that is, his pet sparkeater turbofox. It even looks like Kaon is crying in relief due to the oilstains leaking from his eyes.
  • The issue ends on Ultra Magnus approaching Cyclonus to talk about how he managed to save Tailgate from dying. Magnus notes that it was an extremely risky thing for Cyclonus to do (not knowing whether or not it would kill him), but Cyclonus brushes it off as not important. Magnus then rather warmly welcomes Cyclonus aboard as a member of the crew, being really the first person on board the Lost Light besides Tailgate to show him acceptance instead of hostility. When you compare this to the scene in the second issue which had Magnus warning Cyclonus he'd come down hard on him if he slipped up, it's a pretty awesome indication of how far both characters have come.
  • Ratchet reveals that he knew that Minimus Ambus was Ultra Magnus all along and knew all the other Magnuses as well up to the original himself. The medic then tells Ambus that he is not like the original Magnus, because they were all unique and as far as he is concerned Ambus will always be the real "Ultra Magnus" as far as he is concerned.

Issue 22

  • As part of his documentary Rewind asks some of the crewmembers if they're happy with their lives. When he asks Chromedome he gets this in response:
    ...Today, I'm happy... with you... I'm happy.
  • The end of the issue has the crew basically decide that it really doesn't matter if they ever finish their quest, as long as they're together.

Issue 29

  • Tailgate running towards Cyclonus after getting a clean bill of health, and hugging him, and Cyclonus smiling back.
  • Tailgate realizing the crew of the Lost In Light actually missed him - a contrast to how his previous disappearance went unnoticed for 6 million years.

Issue 30

  • Getaway cheering up Tailgate and giving him a little bomp, something he usually reserves for his closest friends like Skids.

Issue 31

  • Hoist compliments Nautica on her engineering skills while she's feeling down.

Issue 32

  • Megatron is genuinely happy when he rescues Rewind.

Issue 33

  • Chromedome and Rewind being reunited.
  • Alternate Rewind was genuinely willing to sacrifice himself to save the Lost Light.
  • Skids gives Megatron an awesome What the Hell, Hero? speech that convinces Megatron to save the planet below from the alternate Lost Light's quantum foam.
  • Megatron convinces Ravage to become a genuine member of the crew and it's strongly suggested that Ravage has had a Heel Realization.

Issue 34

  • Terminus' encouragement to Megatron, telling him not to give up his goals.
    Megatron: Perhaps I should stop writing—just for a while."
    Terminus: On the contrary—write more. Write quickly. Write while you still can. Pin your thoughts to the page like—like wraith-flies, so that others may study the patterns on their wings. The people are hungry, Megatron. You need to keep feeding them.

Issue 35

  • Despite the horrors of the alternate-present resulting from Brainstorm's meddling with time, one thing does stand out as being heartwarming. Because the Great War apparently never happened in this Functionist-dominated Cybertron, the Decepticon movement died out or was eradicated millions of years ago, and thus, Pharma never went insane and he and Ratchet are seen amicably chatting with each other in one of the crowd shots.

Issue 36

  • Megatron's conversation with the past-version of Orion Pax. It's perhaps the only time the two can simply talk to each other as friends. Even better, it ends with Orion asking Megatron to join the Autobots in standing against the evil and corrupt. Megatron simply smiles and says he will eventually.
  • Rodimus tries to save Trailbreaker from dying in the future, and after making him promise not to go out and donate fuel to anyone, he tells Trailbreaker he's a good person. Too bad it doesn't take.


  • When it was discovered that colorist Josh Burcham would be leaving the book for a time to work on something else the fans, rather than whining about it, gave an outpouring of support and wished him luck with his new work over his Tumblr.