Heartwarming / Transformers
aka: Transformers Generation 1

    Transformers live-action film series 
Transformers (2007)
  • Steve Jablonsky's inspirational heroic musical theme, as four warrior angels of steel descended from the heavens. In particular, the dignified male choir accompanying Ironhide's rise from the water like a metallic savior moved many a fellow Trans Fan to tears.
  • In this sad age of cynicism, it gives one hope that heroes like Prime still remember that "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
    • That line was the winner of a "Get a line in the movie" contest. So is it really suprising that it's very very in character?
      • It was also the motto of the original Optimus Prime toy.
  • Early in the film, Bumblebee goes out of his way to try and help Sam. Both in his love-life as well as protecting him from harm.
    • The fact that Bumblebee only temporarily dumped Sam and Mikaela off so he could get a new vehicle mode (one that would make even the stuck-up Mikaela happy!).
  • Ironhide and the little girl asking him if he happened to be the toothfairy! A very small but cute moment.
  • Sam and Mikeala making out.

Alternative Title(s): Transformers Generation 1