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Heartwarming: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
aka: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Every one of their stories ends happily. The daughter finds her way home, a bitter old man finds his long lost son, etc.
  • A dollar from each ticket sold is given to a local charity at every concert.
  • "Old City Bar." A bartender, upon seeing a lost girl unable to get home on Christmas Eve, gives her all the money in the cash register to pay for her cab fare and plane ticket.
    • This is made even better in concert, where it is accompanied by narration about the story, preceded by the song "Ornament", wherein the father sings about his estranged daughter, so far away "on this Christmas day." and immediately followed up with "This Christmas Day", wherein the father sings joyously about "She's coming home this Christmas day!" Heartwarming.

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alternative title(s): Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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