Heartwarming / Trainspotting

  • Non-addict Stevie Hutchison's falling in love with Stella. Its serves as a deserving break from the early junk drama chapters. Set during an already uplifting new year party, nevertheless Stevie is disheartened by having to wait on her decision, and feeling out of kilter with the rest of the crew. But she phones him up and tells him to wait at the station for her. Not even an attack by a Jambo mob can break his (or the reader's) spirits. And then they embrace. Victory On New Year's Day, indeed!
  • Renton compensating Spud with his share of the cash.
  • Renton, Spud and Sick Boy all hugging each other in excitement after selling the heroin for 16,000.
  • Renton's parents actually being there for him and doing their best for him even though he causes them so much pain and trouble.
  • This part from the end of Skagboys, though given what happens later it might be more of a Tear Jerker:
    Sick Boy feels something poignant stirring in his soul, and this time he realizes in elation that it might even be a truth trying to bubble to the surface. He coughs it shakily from his throat.
    Sick Boy: One thing Mark, ah know that whatever happens, whatever stunts either ay us pull, it'll always be you n me, backing each other up... we'll get through this thegither.