Here are a few of the more touching moments from ''FanFic/ToyHammer'':

* Pretty much any time Zara's 'timid' personality (AKA little/cute-Zara), being the dumping ground for every one of Zara's insecurities and worries, starts breaking down, having her CryCute moment, and Michael comforting her.
* Also, during the battle with [[spoiler:Chaos]], Commissar Tomas seeking Ishabeth's safety. One wouldn't think this to be that fuzzy, but then again, consider what the [[BadBoss Commissariat of this setting usually are]]...
** Tomas gets ''another'' one in the same chapter; before he rescues Ishabeth, Tomas and some shotgun-toting Guardsmen [[BigDamnHeroes save a squad of Howling Banshees]] from being overwhelmed by a horde of [[spoiler:cultists]], but it doesn't stop there. The Commissar actually helps up a clearly shaken Banshee and hands her a soul-stone belonging to one of her fallen comrades, allowing the Banshee to regain her composure. He even helps the Banshee put her helmet back on. Again, remember [[KnightTemplar what Tomas is supposed to be]], and it becomes all the more powerful.
* Michael's grandfather gets one for [[spoiler:going all Grand{{Papa Wolf}} on his own son, who was trying to beat his kids because they broke a vase]] - apparently this was a 'straw that broke the camel's back' moment, but still. He also has another one for providing Michael and his grand-children a safe haven, making him a partial [[TheAtoner atoner]] for being a bad father.
* Most of the [[spoiler:epilogue at the end of chapter 25]], with a CMOF or a CMOA mixed in. Madork's got a funny, Sohm/Meliya has one of pure heartwarming, as well as that of Tomas and Ishabeth. Zara's is a Crowning Moment of Sadness, while Morteus and Eizak's epilogue is made up of pure awesome.