Heartwarming / Touch

The TV series

  • The "Find Celeste" story from "Noosphere Rising". Natalie, a video blogger recently dumped by a jerk boyfriend, helps organize a huge internet movement, to reunite two people named Paulo, and Celeste. In the end Celeste doesn't show...but a cadre of others do, coming from across the globe, to show their support for Natalie.
    • What makes it even more heartwarming is that Paulo did show, but not for Celeste. He traveled all the way to New York to see Natalie instead, and they go out on a date. Cue the tears.
  • Jake holding hands with Martin at the end of "Gyre."
  • Also during the first part of Gyre, Martin shows up at Arnie's pawn shop. It's heartwarming to know that Martin kept his promise to be Arnie's friend.
    • And from that same episode, the scene where the guy on the beach sees the woman from the tsunami and returns her husband's sword to her. It's the scene between the son and the father afterwards that makes the screen all blurry.
  • The three fingers from "Clockwork"