Heartwarming: TOME

T.O.M.E (The Remake) provides examples of:

Episode 00

  • The Netkings refusing to let anything bad happen to SOFDTI because she's like a daughter to them.

Episode 01

  • Flamegirl assuring Alpha that her friends like him when he has his doubts.

Episode 02

  • Gamecrazed assuring Nylocke and Kirbopher that he does consider them his friends. The "Goodnight...friends." as he left sells it.

Episode 03

  • Nylocke's Shipper on Deck for Alpha and Flamegirl and trying to encourage Alpha.
  • Nylocke reforming Demonking with his speech about why he shouldn't torment the players of TOME just to get money for school.

Episode 04

  • The interactions between the Five-Man Band that cements them as True Companions.
    • "I don't think I've had friends as close as you guys before."
    Nylocke: At this moment, I am NYLOCKE! Master of overwhelming affection!
  • Gamecrazed telling the group how he can understand that their worry for one another whilst fighting Rockoon was genuine and that he found it commendable.
    • Kirbopher hugging Gamecrazed.

Episode 05

  • Alpha's monologue about how he's so happy to have the friends he always wanted but never had at the start of the episode.
  • Flamegirl's choosing to risk danger to try and help out Alpha when he's being controlled by the Forbidden Power.

Episode 06

  • Nylocke letting his guard down and breaking character to tell Gamecrazed how he truly feels. Gamecrazed is nothing but supportive and comforting throughout the entire episode, understanding how he feels.
    • Gamecrazed giving Nylocke the Drain Edge.
  • Kirbopher showing his heart of gold about the events of episode 5.
  • Gamecrazed showing that yes, he does have a sense of humor.
  • The friendship between Hyprelynx and Elescope.
    • And Hyprelynx's friendship with Nylocke forming.

Episode 07

  • Flamegirl's Get A Hold Of Your Self Man speech to Alpha, then telling him about what her life's been like.
  • Flamegirl managing to stop Demon Alpha's rampage, without fear or concern for her well being, only for Alpha's, since she knows he's still in there. Cue the hug in response and a Relationship Upgrade.

Episode 08

Episode 09

  • In a way, Alpha's being all "I play because it's fun" when he forfeits to Zetto.
  • The audio commentary is basically just ShadyVox, LittleKuriboh, Anna Kingsley, Casey Mongillo and MasakoX praising Chris Niosi/Kirbopher for everything he did to make TOME the way it is and how grateful they are for being able to be part of it.
  • Alpha and Flamey holding hands after the tournament, even though they lost.
    • Bonus Points for being the first time in the entire series that Alflamey is shown to be canon (even though there was plenty of ship tease before then and it is likely that the two got together somewhere between this and Episode 7.)

Episode 10

  • The general comraderie between Nylocke, Alpha and Flamegirl throughout the episode.
  • The bit of Alpha's off the net life we hear, and Flamegirl and Alpha's relationship now being First Name Basis.
  • "Well...maybe this is about as good as it's gonna get."

Episode 11

  • Alpha and Flamegirl reminiscing about their adventures by themselves.
  • Gamecrazed saying he would love for Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke and Kirbopher to join him in the Netking Quest. It shows just how much he appreciates them as his friends that he'd ask them specifically.

Episode 12

  • The Five-Man Band talking about how they want to do a meet and greet with the Netkings and even Kirbopher and Nylocke agree to it, Nylocke admits how close he feels to the others and how he feels it might be time for him to leave his den and travel to America to meet the others.
  • The genuine gratitude the Netkings have for the Five-Man Band for their dedication and love of TOME, along with their own dedication and love for it.

Episode 13

  • Despite all they've been through, Flamegirl is still happy she started playing TOME because if she didn't, she never would have met Alpha.
  • Rockoon discovering who Skeight is and realizing in horror that he's been nothing but mean to him. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.

TOME Shorts

  • An odd example, but at the end of Rockoon's Modern Strife, after Rockoon's rant about being abandoned by Doubling.
    "Lucky shot" my d**k.
  • Nylocke's sincere apology to Demonking for unintentionally insulting him in The Legend of Nylocke.
  • Plan Z is one of these. The player behind Zetto and Kirbopher spends the entire short explaining his motives and outright says how much he's grown to care about Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke and Gamecrazed and his regret of almost losing them. He outright says he made Kirbopher so he could have fun again.