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Heartwarming: Tom Hiddleston
  • The tale of how during an interview, after being absolutely delighted to have snagged the last white-chocolate chip cookie from a nearby plate of sweets, Tom immediately offered it to the interviewer's 7-year-old daughter upon her sudden entrance to the room.
  • Recently on Twitter, Tom mentioned he was in Detroit to start filming a new movie. Ever since, fans have been trying to find him. So far, more than a dozen different fans have posted pictures on Tumblr. In every picture, Tom is smiling like the happiest man alive, and has an arm around the fan. He even took several of the pictures for fans, since he's taller.
  • A magazine interview explains why Tom is as nice as he is. Apparently he was a waiter before his career, and was treated rudely by some of the customers. Since then he decided to never be rude in his life, especially to servers.
    • The quote can be found here
  • Bringing hot soup to a journalist on the red carpet at the 2012 BAFTAS after said journalist asked him to do so on Twitter - you can see it here
  • He treated his ''Coriolanus'' co-star Mark Gatiss to a day at the spa once their run was over. What makes it a selfless act is that Tom was flying to Toronto the same day.
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