Heartwarming / Tom Hanks

  • Tom Hanks' Academy Awards speeches are popular for being so immensely heartfelt. His first one, for the film Philadelphia, was particularly inspiring for his tearful thanks to co-stars Denzel Washington and Antonio Banderas, his longtime wife Rita Wilson (described as "a lover so close to fine we should all be able to experience such heaven here on Earth"), and his drama teacher and friend, who represented "the finest gay Americans" he'd ever had the privilege of knowing. His conclusion, offering a reflection on how the "streets of heaven" were "overflowing with angels", a reference to those who had suffered from AIDS like his character in the film, exemplifies why so many people would go on to cherish Hanks as a national treasure.
  • His eulogy at Michael Clarke Duncan's funeral in 2012, also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Tom Hanks standing and saluting Astronaut Jim Lovell during Tom's AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony. Not only that, the look on Tom's face when he sees Jim is like a kid at Christmas.
  • While starring on broadway in the play The Lucky Guy, he met a young fan of his who has autism. He seemed geniuently happy to meet her.