Heartwarming / Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Despite being "the nightmare version of television," there are some either genuinely heartwarming or awkwardly cute moments in the show...

  • Casey's brother's to attempt to revive him. He nearly succeeds, and when Casey sings "Alive Again", a song dedicated to his brother, his voice is noticeably better than any of his previous songs. Sadly, he begins falling apart mid-song, and even Uncle Muscles throws up his hands and gives up on the situation. How do they respond? Casey's brother kisses him on the forehead as Casey begins to cry, picks up the peices, and Casey gives an earnest, "Thank you for trying."
    • Assuming Casey's appearance in the live shows or Muscles For Bones happened after the events of the show, he eventually succeeded. Not only that, but live Casey is in noticeably better shape than before.
    • There's also the fact Casey Tatum got an uproarious applause from the Muscles For Bones crowd.
    • Awesome 10 Year Anniversary Version, Great Job? confirms that he's now alive and well.
  • The ending of Brothers Cinco in a bit of a Bittersweet Ending. Terry is convicted of the murder of his wife with the very E-Trial software he tried to pedal. Worse, he was tricked into doing it by his brother so he could take over the company, who in turn just helped kill a hooker and got away with it. Even worse, Mark knew Terry was going to do the same thing to him since he and his wife were planning this from the start. However, once this is settled, Terry is still developing ideas for Cinco inventions in jail, and Mark is still happy to hear his pitches and exchange ideas.
    Terry: You still got it, brother.
    Mark: I still got it? You still got it... Listen, I should be getting back to the office, but take it easy. I'll be back in a couple of weeks to check up on you.
    Terry: I love you, bro.
    *the two kiss on the window*
    • And if that weren't enough, Karen O has an outro song to continue the warm and fuzzies...
    Even after all the things you've through
    He's still by your side; he is just like you.
    It's a brother's love (oh oh ooooh) x4
    • Earlier, if you don't know about The Reveal in regards to Mark's plan to take over the company, the fact Mark helped produce a product solely to prove the innocence of his brother and taking him out for a night on the town to cheer him up has to account for something.
  • The ending to the Robin sketch. Here, Eric gives Tim his own Robin Williams, only for it to run out on him during their first big show together. When showtime arrives, Tim then declares he didn't need a Robin Williams because all he needs is Eric, and the two put on a great show. Then, Robin Williams comes back and gives Eric and knowing smile, and Eric mouths back, "Thank you," before ending on Tim and Eric jumping into a freezeframe.
  • From Man Milk, after a failed pitch to get Ben Stiller and Ben Hur to form the comedic due "Ben StillHur", to the point where even Tim and Eric have no idea what they were thinking, Ben Stiller apologizes to Ben Hur and wishes to maybe rediscover himself through him. Hur is fine with that, and they hug, much to Tim and Eric's confusion.
  • The ending of Chunky. After Mr. Henderson spends the episode teasing Carol and splashing coffee on her face, Mr. Henderson finally stands up for Carol and admits his love for her after Larry smashes a coffee pot over her head. The episode ends in a Final Love Duet between the two titled "Get Your Poke On".

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