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Heartwarming: Tides Of War
  • Varian and Anduin's talk before Varian goes off to war, in which Varian is pleased that Anduin has accepted the necessity of going to war with the Horde and Anduin relatively relieved that Varian is not willing to go as far as Jaina will. Considering that their relationship has been strained throughout Cataclysm, it's nice to see that they've reconciled.
  • A troll shaman comforting a draenei in the wake of Theramore's destruction, showing that inter-faction friendships can endure in the face of war.
  • Windle Sparkleshine's tribute to his daughter, lighting the lamps of Dalaran to display her laughing, smiling face.
  • In a somewhat meta sense, Thrall expressing gratitude for all those who fought alongside him against Deathwing, saying they deserved the credit for defeating him. If you've defeated Deathwing, almost as though Thrall's acknowledging your efforts and thanking you.
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