Heartwarming / Thunderbirds

  • In ''Move - And You're Dead", after Alan has been rescued from an explosive bridge, Virgil plays a prank on him by having him pose for a portrait and secretly painting him in a comical Picasso style. After getting his revenge, Alan contemplates the picture:
    Alan: "How d'ya like that, Tin-Tin?"
    Tin-Tin: Never mind, Alan. Who needs a painting? Especially when we've got the real thing."
  • In Thunderbirds Are Go:
    Lady Penelope: "Remember Alan, one of the most comforting feelings a man can have in this world of ours, is never to be alone."
    • Also, afterwards when Jeff toasts "To Alan, the hero of the day!"
  • The 2004 live action film has this exchange:
    Gordon: Come on, Dad. The situation's hopeless.
    Jeff: No, it's not. We've got people on the ground working for us.
    Gordon: Alan? He's just a kid.
    Jeff: He's a Tracy.