Heartwarming / Thumbelina

  • After Thumbelina is crying after humiliated by the Beetle, Jacquimo flies over to comfort her.
    Jacquimo: You love...zhe beetle?
    Thumbelina: No-
    Jacquimo: Zhen never mind ze beetle! Good riddance to zhe beetle! And good riddance to the toad! Does Prince Cornelius think you are ugly?
    Thumbelina: (sniffs) No. He thinks I'm beautiful.
    Jacquimo: And so you are, mon ami.
  • Thumbelina mourning Jacquimo when he appears to be dead in Mr. Mole's house and covering him with her shawl.
  • The ending.
    Thumbelina: (singing) Every day you'll take me higher...(stops singing) Let's be practical. This isn't the vale of the fairies! And Cornelius is never coming back!
    Cornelius: (arriving onscreen to triumphant music, sings the next line) "And I'll never let you fall!"
  • Thumbelina seeing her mother at the wedding.