Heartwarming / Thief: The Dark Project

  • Before the mission Escape, you discover that you've been manipulated by the Big Bad into unsealing the Sealed Evil in a Can. In addition, you have had an eye torn out of your head by someone you thought was a customer, the closest thing you have to friends loosened your bonds and left you alone almost dead, to desperately fight your own way out past monsters you had never thought might exist until now. Running, fighting and sneaking against hope you make it to the exit. Cue cutscene :
    The stone cannot know why the chisel cleaves it.
    The iron cannot know why the fire scorches it.
    When thy life is cleft and scorched,
    when death and despair do leap at thee,
    beat not thy breast and curse thy evil fate,
    but thank the Builder for the trials that shape thee.