Heartwarming / The Young Victoria

  • When Victoria complains that she is being used as a chess piece Albert says she should play herself. Then she asks sarcastically if she should get a husband to play for her. Whereupon he says, "Not for you, with you."
  • At the end of his appointment as Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne admits that some of his counsel to Victoria may have not been in her best interest and asks Victoria for her forgiveness. He also advises for Victoria for the last time, asking her to trust in Albert, despite all the animosity Albert may have with Lord Melbourne.
  • The silent moment of reconciliation between Victoria and her mother at the very end.
  • Victoria proposing to Albert.
    Victoria: It would make me happier than anything - too happy, really - if you were to agree to what I wish.
    Albert: And stay with you.
    Victoria: And stay with me.
    Albert: And marry you.
    Victoria: And marry me.