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Heartwarming: The World Cup
  • Before hoisting the Cup following the 2002 title, Brazilian captain Cafu homaged his wife: "Regina, eu te amo!"Eng 
  • When the players in the quarter-finals of 2006 and 2010 took a moment before the game to hold a banner together that read "SAY NO TO RACISM" - especially given the history of racism in the game. Unfortunately under FIFA directive!
  • After scoring the winning goal in the 2010 final, Andres Iniesta takes his shirt off and reveals the message "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros"Eng  in tribute to his friend, who died a year before the tournament during training.note 
  • Spain's goalkeeper Iker Casillas kissed his journalist girlfriend on live TV after winning the World Cup, possibly in response to some idiot that had accused her of "distracting" him during the first match that Spain lost to Switzerland.
  • This goal celebration and the story behind it.
  • USA v. Iran in 1998. Especially considering the diplomatic rivalry between both countries. The starters for both teams posed together for a photo, and played straight the Fair Play spirit.
  • Japan pulling off a stunning underdog victory in the 2011 Women's World Cup by defeating two-time defending champion Germany on their home turf in the quarterfinals, then beating Sweden decisively in the semifinals, and finally upsetting the United States in the finals. Keep in mind that this all occurred when their home country was still recovering from a devastating earthquake and tsunami, and that they held up a banner reading "To our friends around the world — Thank you for your support" after every one of their matches.
  • Colombia finally coming back to the WC in 2014, breaking a 16 year absence from the tournament. Doubles as a Tear Jerker and Crowning Moment Of Awesome when you realize the joy of the country for this event is so big that a documentary of the team's history and route to that moment was made, called "Diario de un Sueño: así clasificamos a Brasil 2014"note . They got as far as the quarterfinal, and even after losing to Brazil their adversaries were asking their home crowd to cheer for the Colombians.
    • Made even more heartwarming by the fact that, despite being eliminated, the team returned home to a heroes' welcome, as thousands had gathered in Bogota to celebrate the team's return and their overall performance in the tournament. They may have lost, but the people of Colombia were just happy they'd made it as far as they did.
  • After three African teams threatened to strike in 2014 due to prize money, Greece announced to their Prime Minister that they wanted their own cash to be instead invested in training centers for the young.
  • After the Brazil vs. Colombia match, Colombian player James Rodríguez is understandably saddened. The Brazilians David Luiz and Dani Alves go comfort him. David Luiz even asks the Brazilian fans to cheer for him.
  • At the end of the Costa Rica/Netherlands match, Sneijder from the Dutch team is seen hanging out... with his wife and toddler son. Awwww!
  • During the 2014 World Cup Brazil, Brazil itself was pummeled mercilessly by Germany in a Curb-Stomp Battle ending 7-1. The world came, saw and mocked pictures of Brazilians sobbing in horror as their team was brutally beaten. But, there was one picture that ended up standing out: A man giving a German fan his homemade trophy, something he'd been taking to the games since 1990 and telling them to take it to the Finals, that its hard to get this far, but they deserve it.
    • It was also good to see that the German players didn't gloat after the match was over and instead tried to actually help the Brazilian team to cope with the huge humiliation they'd just suffered.
    • Karma smiles upon these good deed, and eventually, Germany ended up really winning the World Cup. Homemade-tropy Brazilian man, your trophy present was not given in vain.
  • No matter where or when the Netherlands played their matches, one fan was always there to cheer them on, and not just during this tournament. Wearing a military cap and covered from top to bottom in orange, the camera always recognized him and after the Netherlands won third place against Brazil, Dutch captain Robin van Persie noticed him too. Climbing over the advertisement hoardings, he goes out of his way to present his captain's armband to the loyal fan, who obviously looked incredibly happy with it.

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