Heartwarming / The Wonderful 101

  • Considering Luka's usual attitude, Wonder-Pink shows considerable patience with him. Considering how she usually handles the antics of her fellow team-mates (particularly Wonder-Blue's posturing and Wonder-Green's flirting), it's quite unexpected.
  • In one chapter, Commander Nelson mentions that Wonder-Red had once said that as important as his mission to save the world is, his civilian profession as a teacher is just as important.
    • This particular discussion is what marks Wonder-Blue's full transition from his I Work Alone mentality and his doubt of Wonder-Red's leadership, and his pledge of support to the Rookie Red Ranger.
  • During the final battle (well, one phase of it anyway), Vorkken's ship, the Meizerr returns, when it was thought to have been destroyed a couple of chapters back. Vorkken opts to jump aboard and support the Wonderful 100 from there. When he does, Chewgi, who had defected from Vorkken's band, interjects:
    Chewgi: We're coming with you, Vorkken.
    Vorkken: What...? Good to have you back, Chewgi.
  • As you unlock secret characters like Chewgi and Luka, they show up at the head of the pack when you start a mission.
  • The message that appears after beating the epilogue on 101% Hard:
    Your face will be forever masked.
    Your tomb will be forever unknown.
    You are truly a wonderful one.