Heartwarming / The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time: with a series this long, it ought to have some moments that just make you feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Lan gives one to Rand early on in the series, just as his daddy issues are starting to come up...
    "In the Borderlands, sheepherder, if a man has the raising of a child, that child is his, and none can say different."
  • In Towers of Midnight, the emotional reunion between Rand and Tam, where Rand tearfully embraces and begs for his father's forgiveness, finally shows the warmer, loving side of Rand that has not been seen in a very long time. This scene not only reinforces the strong bond that exists between Rand and his adoptive father, but also shows how human and young Rand still is.
    • Actually, a great deal of the most heartwarming moments in the series seem to revolve around Rand and his strong relationship with his adoptive father.
  • A small one, but noteworthy considering who it comes from. Early in A Crown of Swords, the Maidens sneak Rand and a couple Asha'Man in Caemlyn's palace for a meeting with Bael and Lord Bashere. This is shortly after Rand was rescued from Dumai's Wells and he near freaks out when Jalani pulls a hood down on his face.
    Stiffening, he barely stopped short of seizing saidin. Barely. Lews Therin snarled and gibbered. Rand forced himself to breathe normally. It was not total darkness. He could see moonlight below the edge of the hood. Even so, he stumbled when Sulin and Enaila took his arms and led him forward. [...] Sulin's hand moved. It took him a moment to realize she was stroking his arm.
  • At the end of The Shadow Rising after the battle of Emond's Field, Perrin meets a young child who gives his name as Jaim Aybara, Perrin's only living blood kin. Jaim tops it off by proclaiming that he won't ever get married, because Girls Have Cooties.
  • In The Dragon Reborn, Mat tells Thom that he'll only help people that can pay, because only idiots help for free. Just as he finishes saying that, he sees a mother with three children who are all crying because they're so hungry. He's got several fat purses on him. So what does he do? He gives one of them to the mother and tells her to buy her children some food. "Only idiots", eh, Mat?
  • A Crown of Swords, when Lan rescues Nynaeve from drowning and they finally reunite followed by them getting married.
  • The end of The Gathering Storm with Rand's catharsis, wrapped up by the last line of the book:
    Storms will come. But for now, I am here.
    I am here.
  • In Shadow Rising, Rand clearly states that although Tam is not his father by blood, he is still his father in every other way and that's all that matters in the end.
    My father is Tam al'Thor. He found me, raised me, loved me. I wish I could have known you, Janduin, but Tam is my father.
  • Near the end of Towers of Midnight, when Perrin meets Boundless. For most of the series, he's been terrified of losing control and becoming like Noam, the Wolfbrother who had become a wolf in his mind, and rejects his ability for fear of becoming a monster. When he meets the wolf that was once Noam, he realizes that Noam only became a wolf because he didn't want to be human anymore; each Wolfbrother's path is whatever he chooses to be, and Perrin was never in danger of losing his humanity. It's the perfect resolution to Perrin's character arc and helps him find the middle ground he seeks.
  • The first chapter of Towers of Midnight, where Rand is able to use his newfound epiphany to give hope back to an old man and his village. The fact that it's a minor Call Back to a scene from the first book helps- it really brings to light how far Rand has come in two and a half years: from terrified shepherd boy to Messiah.
  • Rand introducing Min to his father in Towers of Midnight. One of the most humanizing moments in the entire series.
  • In Shadow Rising, Faile comes in from helping Mistress al'Vere bake bread, and tells Perrin she actually enjoyed it and wants to do it again. His response, that that makes sense as they won't want to just keep buying food forever, puts a delighted smile on her face that puzzles him. Faile understood, even though Perrin hadn't, that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.
  • Rand chasing Aviendha into the snow via a gateway, rescuing her, finally causing her to breakdown and admit her feelings for him.
  • Aviendha, Elayne and Min bonding Rand in Winter's Heart.
  • Also in Winter's Heart, Rand leaving a flower on Elayne's bed, a call back to the flower he attempted to make from some feathers back in Tear in book 4 (feathers which she had kept as a memento in the following months)
  • In The Gathering Storm, Siuan finally bonding Gareth Bryne.
  • Fandom Example: A long-standing member of a fansite died of cancer in the summer of 2010. When Brandon Sanderson found out, he agreed to use her name in the next book. Then Towers of Midnight was published and her friends learned the character was one of Rand and Aviendha's daughters and a POV character.
  • Morgase and Tallanvor's marriage in Towers of Midnight.
  • Egwene and Gawyn bonding.
  • Siuan being healed from stilling.
    For a moment Siuan only stared, expressionless. Then the glow of saidar enveloped her. Gasps filled the room. Slowly Siuan leaned forward and kissed Nynaeve on either cheek. A tear leaked down her face, then another, and abruptly Siuan was weeping, hugging herself and shaking; the gleaming aura around her faded away.
  • Towers of Midnight All the Lan perspective bits were great, but the best is easily in the chapter "Stronger Than Blood"
    Burn that woman, Lan thought as he heard the call being raised through the fortress. He'd been outmaneuvered. Curse Nynaeve. Aand bless her, too. He tried to send a sense of love and frustration through the bond to her.
    And then, with a deep sigh, he gave in. "The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don," Lan said softly. "Let any man who wishes to follow join and fight."
    He closed his eyes as the call went up. It soon became a cheer. Then a roar.
  • The arrival of Moiraine at the Field of Merrilor in Book 14. Rand is in awe of her arrival, assuming her dead for some time, but is snapped out of his anger at Egwene. Forces on both sides aiming for good Dope Slap Roedran of Murandy with Blow You Away when he tries to interrupt. And, as the highest of it all, Nynaeve, who had been characterized early on partially by her hatred of Moiraine for her control of her life, introduces herself again by hugging her and crying, utterly shocking Perrin. She does, however, say that Lan can never find out about it.
  • Pretty much any scene involving the relationship between Androl and Pevara in Book 14.
  • The ending of A Memory of Light. Despite the hell the characters go through, the utter nightmare that was the Last Battle, all the deaths, and nearly losing it all, the survivors look forward to a new age of hope. The world is far from perfect, and the nations teeter on an uneasy peace, but things are looking up. And so what if the Dark One ever returns, he's been sealed tighter in his prison than ever before, and as long as humanity doesn't lose hope and the Dragon stands for their salvation, the spirit of life can never be crushed. In a word, beautiful.
  • Logain finally gets the "glory" the Min foresaw for him near the end of Book 14. By doing what's right.
    He had abandoned that power for what? To save these refugees? People who would spurn him and hate him for what he was. People who...

    Logain watched with wonder as the people flocked around his Asha'man, weeping for their salvation. Elderly men took Asha'man by the hands, overcome, praising them.

    Nearby, a youth looked at Logain with admiration. A dozen youths. Light, a hundred. Not a hint of fear in their eyes.
    "Thank you," the young mother said again. "Thank you."

    "The Black Tower protects," Logain heard himself say. "Always."

    "I will send him to you to be tested when he is of age," the woman promised, holding her son. "I would have him join you, if he has the talent."

  • Rand's final fate. After spending two years of his life fighting against darkness, he's given a second chance to live the life he's always wanted to, simply Wandering the Earth as a somewhat normal, if physically impressive, specimen of mankind. After you realize that this was something that he'd been dreaming about doing since the first book, and after all the pain, suffering, responsibility and loss, to find that he can just walk away from it all, once more healthy and strong, to find his own happiness... he certainly deserves it.
  • A big one from "AMOL". Doubles as a tearjerker, considering his death shortly afterwards, but one can feel a little fuzz from Hurin's one and only POV, the forces of the Light all but broken, Hurin overwhelmed by Trollocs, but firm knowing everything would be all right, because "Lord Rand was all right again".
  • Rand's sparring match with Tam. Why it took 13 1/2 books for a scene like that, the readers will never know.
  • In Memory of Light, Olver is scared and surrounded by enemies; having lost everyone around him and separated from everyone he cared about, he blows the Horn of Valere knowing he's going to die and possibly eaten by Trollocs...until Jain Farstrider, his mentor, hero, father-figure, and friend, comes back from the dead and saves him. The happiness that is described in Olver makes you tear up.