Heartwarming / The Truth

  • Everyone choosing to stay at the press with William even though there might be legal trouble. The friendship and loyalty is heartwarming in itself.
  • Otto going to help William and then comforting William when he worries about being like his father. (Otto doesnít do a good job, but itís the thought that counts.)
  • Wuffles and Vetinari: a sinister despot and his beloved dog. Even though Wuffles is old and has the stinkiest of breath, Vetinari doesnít even notice. Itís clear that he loves his doggy and his doggy loves him, as Wuffles refers to him as God.
    • Dogs referring to their masters as God is Older Than Steam. The point stands, though.
    • One that's split between this book and the later Thud!: this was Wuffles' last hurrah. In the later book it's revealed that Vetinari, that coldest of cold men, still visits his grave.
  • Otto finally getting the dramatic thunder he's been wanting the whole book.
  • William's main reason for not publicly exposing his father as the mastermind of the evil scheme? He doesn't want everyone to know that his mother married a traitor, or the bad press to affect his siblings.
  • Villainous one, but when Mr Tulip realises that Mr Pin is having a full-on Villainous Breakdown, he does his best to cheer him up by reminding him of the good times they've had. Granted, the good times are all about them killing people in creative ways, and this is exactly the wrong thing to remind Mr Pin of at the time, but he does make a sincere effort to help his friend.
  • Goodmountain and William's friendship can be this at times. They even have a heart-to-heart despite William insisting they're not and will not be having one. On another note, Goodmountain and Boddony's engagement is sort of a case of Does This Remind You of Anything? in regards to same-sex marriage (although, almost all dwarves publicly present as male, regardless of biological sex, so, who knows what either of them actually is/privately identifies as), and in 2000, while gay rights was something debated in some places, the idea of same-sex marriage, let alone the discussion of it, was much rarer. To have a straight, male protagonist offer sincere congratulations when told his (possibly) male friend would be marrying another (possible) male, and then, not have the couple in question die, be torn apart, turn evil, and/or suffer any more harm than the other good characters did is still incredibly heartwarming.
  • Mr. Tulip's contented afterlife as a woodworm munching his way through a '-ing delicious' desk.