Heartwarming / The Torkelsons

  • Boarder Hodges' interactions with the five Torkelson children. He acts warmly towards all of them, even being almost a substitute-father figure to them. Especially the boys, Steven Floyd and Chuckie Lee, whom it is a few times remarked about that since their father is gone they have no male role model in their lives; Boarder Hodges acts like a Grandpa, or even a father figure to them, giving them life advice and taking Steven Floyd out fishing.
  • Boarder Hodges' Day in the Limelight episode about getting reconnected to his estranged granddaughter Molly. Even before the reconnection (initiated by Millicent) happens, it's already Heartwarming at the beginning of the episode that he gives the Barbie doll he had sent to Molly and that was sent back to him "Return To Sender" to Mary Sue, who is over the moon for getting it. Then, once he is reunited with Molly, who also meets Mary Sue - another Heartwarming moment when Mary Sue gives the Barbie doll to Molly, realizing that Hodges had originally intended the doll to be a gift to Molly. And then a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Molly in her turn offers the doll back to Mary Sue, apparently realizing she is much richer and thus more provided for toy/gadget-wise than Mary Sue, and the doll is a bigger deal for Mary Sue to have.