Heartwarming / The 10th Kingdom

  • The bond between Snow White and Virginia, even though Snow White is a Spirit Advisor, she's been protecting Virginia for most of the story.
  • Virginia's first wish was that her Dad's bad luck was over, and that his back was no longer broken- she didn't even hesitate to use the wish on her father.
  • The scene on Dragon Mountain in the cave, where Tony apologizes for his mistakes, tries to keep Virginia warm, and comforts her by stressing how strong and determined she is, that they'd never have gotten as far as they had without her. This is especially heartwarming after the argument they'd had out on the slopes. And once The Reveal is made that the Queen is her mother, he almost completely loses his annoyance factor in how he does all he can to support Virginia and help her deal with the painful truth. By the time they part ways at the end, it's genuinely moving and sweet.
  • Tony's growing concern with Prince and helping him, despite his constant exasperation with being called 'Manservant' over and over.
  • The Queen admitting she was going to let Virginia go, even though she didn't know why. Somewhere deep down, she still cares about her daughter.