Heartwarming / The Soup

Yes, even this show has them from time to time.
  • Every once in a blue moon, Joel will end the show by mentioning tribute to a recently passed away friend or family member of the show.
  • Early on after the revamp, a nearly teary-eyed Joel ended by announcing the birth of his first child. D'awww.
  • The death of Heath Ledger.
  • Bret Michaels’s reality show is often lampooned but when Bret has had serious health issues, Joel has wished him well.
  • Using the Clip of The Week segment space to be used as a memorial, and a touching one at that, to frequent target, QVC host Jeanne Bice.
  • After using the clip of Whitney Houston yelling "Kiss my ass!" more times than could be counted, Mc Hale sounded almost apologetic when the clip was retired following Houston's sudden death in 2012.