Heartwarming / The Smiths

  • When The Smiths performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1986, Morrissey wore a fake hearing aid to support a fan who was hearing-impaired but ashamed to wear one.
  • "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out", of course.:
    "And if a double-decker bus
    Crashes into us
    To die by your side
    Is such a heavenly way to die
    And if a ten-ton truck
    Kills the both of us
    To die by your side
    Well, the pleasure- the privilege is mine"
  • "Ask" can qualify. As Rob Sheffield pointed out, it's basically Moz saying that maybe he was wrong in his interpretation of love and that sometimes it's okay to be shy.
  • Marr once met up with Morrissey. While they both obviously had thoughts on reuniting with the Smiths, Marr acknowledged there wasn't any animosity between him and Moz. Marr even admitted the two were having good old times, even after the first meeting. While he admits they did stop talking about that, it does give some implications both Marr and Moz are at least on good terms.