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Heartwarming: The Slender Man Mythos
  • Don't give Slender Man your twenty dollars. Give it to Haiti.
  • The real-life relationships between the cast members of many of the vlogs:
    • Troy and Joseph (aka Jay and Alex) from Marble Hornets have been close friends since childhood. A quick glimpse at their livestreams or OOG videos makes it clear that the two are basically like brothers.
      • The same is true of Tim and Brian, who (according to Tim) have been friends since at least sixth grade.
    • The casts of Everyman HYBRID, Tribe Twelve, Dark Harvest and ML Anderson 0 (and, most recently, Whispered Faith) are very tight-knit, basically acting like a big extended family whenever they get together
      • This is especially true in the case of Tribe Twelve creator Adam Rosner: since he's an only child with few close relatives, the Slenderverse crew has become his second family — every bit the siblings he never had.
  • Tim Sutton asking his fans on Tumblr to help him with kicking his smoking addiction. The support he's getting is beautiful.
    • Likewise, the fan response on Tumblr and Facebook after Tim announced the death of his pet rat, Bradley, was quite moving—particularly the fans who shared their own stories of losing beloved pets.
  • Jeffrey Koval's write-up for the third anniversary of Everyman HYBRID.
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