Heartwarming / The Savannah Reid Mysteries

  • In the middle of the night, Savannah is awakened by Dirk sobbing. She has never seen him cry before. He is grieving for his dead ex-wife, and Savannah comforts him. He eventually falls asleep with his arms around her, and she stays there all night to watch over him, glad she was able to help him.
  • The end of Fat-Free and Fatal. Savannah often doesn't have enough money to pay Tammy her salary or even her own bills, but on one case she finally gets a large amount of money. She innocently asks Tammy to go for a drive, and they go to one of their favorite spots in town, near Tammy's dream house. Tammy is crestfallen to see that the house was put up for sale and already sold... until Savannah reveals that she paid the down payment on it for Tammy.
  • The scene in Wicked Craving where Savannah is interacting with a toddler and Dirk is watching her with a tender expression.
  • This scene in A Decadent Way to Die, when Savannah believes she'll never fall asleep again for worry about Tammy.
    But she did sleep. Two hours later, she was stretched across Dirk's sofa, and she was out like a street lamp on the east end of town. Dirk walked out of the bedroom, a blanket in his hands. Gently, he spread it over her, tucking it around her shoulders, legs, and feet. "Sleep while you can, sweetheart," he whispered. "It's the only break you get from worrying about everybody and their brother's cousin's uncle's dog." He leaned down, brushed her hair back from her face, and kissed her cheek. "Always the big sister, aren't you, Van," he said softly, "taking care of everybody but yourself. Good night, baby." He patted her on the back, then turned down the lights and left the room. She stirred slightly in her sleep, reached up and touched the spot on her cheek that he had kissed. "Good night, darlin'," she whispered back. "Sleep tight."
  • The entire end of A Decadent Way to Die, with Dirk caring for Savannah after she gets shot, Savannah waking up to see all the people she loves most around her, and Dirk finally proposing at the end, with Savannah saying yes.
  • The end of Killer Honeymoon. Savannah and Dirk arrive home from their honeymoon/latest case, and Savannah reveals that she, Waycross, and Tammy have a surprise for Dirk. It turns out that they'd brought all his stuff from his trailer and turned one of Savannah's flowery rooms into a man cave for Dirk, with his prized Harley collection and bus seat couch. And then Tammy reveals that she'd been looking for information about Dirk's birth parents. His mother was pregnant as a teen and had to give him up for adoption, but she and Dirk's dad always wanted him, and have been looking for him ever since. It turns out that his birth father was a police officer too. Dirk comments that he's gone from an orphan to a single guy to a married man with two families that love him.
  • In Killer Gourmet, when Savannah tells Dirk that she can't have children, he starts sobbing uncontrollably and she feels terrible because she thinks his heart was set on it. He explains that, no, he was crying out of relief because he thought that her odd sickness was something major and that he was going to lose his wife. He's not upset with her news; he's just glad she's okay.
  • And the end of Killer Gourmet, when, at the grand re-opening of Ryan and Gibson's restaurant, Tammy and Waycross announce that they're getting married, and that the baby's already on the way.
  • In the end of Every Body On Deck, Tammy goes into labor while on the cruise and insists that she and Waycross get married by the ship's captain, which occurs as her baby is delivered. Granny Reid gives them her and her late husband's wedding rings. Afterward, Tammy tells Savannah that the baby's name is Savannah Rose.

Alternative Title(s): Savannah Reid