* The fact that Sarah Jane, once a companion of the Doctor, is now defending the Earth, recruiting companions, and making the world a better place with kindness and ingenuity rather than weapons, is a helluva CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming-talk about CharacterDevelopment! She had big shoes to fill, and she did it ''admirably.''
* One for the series as well: Proving that a show aimed at younger audiences didn't have to be shallow or fluffy-it took a few episodes, but once it began GrowingTheBeard, it proved itself equally capable of taking on darker issues as Doctor Who, but still with an optimistic approach that showed that not every modern-day hero needs to be DarkerAndEdgier.
* Any time Luke and Sarah Jane are reunited. Hell, just the entirety of Luke and Sarah Jane's relationship, period.
!!Season 2
* Maria's last scene with Sarah Jane when Sarah Jane says that she is [[LikeASonToMe like a daughter to her]].
** Sarah Jane eventually gets a real daughter when she adopts Sky in series 5.
* Seeing [[TheBrigadier the Brigadier]] in "Enemy of the Bane" after so many years. The looks on Creator/NicholasCourtney and Lis Sladen's faces must be seen to be believed. Sladen and Courtney had seen each other somewhat regularly at conventions, but it's entirely possible that the last time we saw Sarah Jane and the Brigadier onscreen together ''was'' the last time Sarah Jane and the Brigadier saw each other. Moves into heartbreaking TearJerker territory, though, after 2011... and yet how fitting that it's these two who were reunited so shortly before we lost them both for good...
-->'''The Brigadier''': (''reverently'') Sarah Jane Smith.
-->'''Sarah Jane''': (''warmly'') Hello, Sir Alistair.
** Crossing over with CrowningMomentOfAwesome: For all of those who grew up watching the Brig during the classic era, seeing him as a BadassGrandpa reminds you that just because he's old, he's not out of action.
*** Even ''more'' heartwarming? The last time Sarah Jane saw the Brigadier he was not a "Sir". This means she's ''kept tabs on him'' over the years. Either that, or she heard of it in the news.
*** Also, she doesn't greet him as "Brigadier"; it's "Sir Alistair" - she's greeting him ''by name, as a friend''.
* The Brigadier reveals he'd be "disappointed" if Sarah Jane ''was'' making a social call to him. Even after all these years, they're ''both'' still kicking all of the arse.
!!Season 3
* TheTag of "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith", one of the last filmed appearances of David Tennant as [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]]:
-->'''The Doctor''': Don't forget me, Sarah Jane.
-->'''Sarah Jane Smith''': No one's '''ever''' going to forget you.
** The look on Sarah Jane's face as Peter [[spoiler:renounces his agreement with The Trickster]] is both this and a TearJerker.
!!Season 4
* ''The Nightmare Man'', where Sarah Jane asks K-9 (her only companion until Luke and the other entered her life) to look after Luke while he's at school.
** Mr. Smith admitting that he's going to miss K-9.
* The moment in ''Death of the Doctor'' when you can almost ''see'' Russell T Davies think "to hell with it" as he dives into the ContinuityPorn:
-->'''Sarah Jane Smith''': There’s a woman called Tegan in Australia, fighting for Aboriginal rights. There’s Ben and Polly, in India, running an orphanage there. There was Harry... oh, I loved Harry. He was a doctor, he did such good work with vaccines. He saved thousands of lives. There was a Dorothy something. She runs that company, A Charitable Earth. She’s raised billions. And this couple in Cambridge. Both professors. Ian and Barbara Chesterton. Rumour has it, they’ve never aged. Not since the sixties. I wonder... echoes of the Doctor, all over the world. With friends like us, he’s never going to die, is he?
** Similarly, Eleven's speech to Jo earlier in the episode.
-->'''Jo:''' So you've been watching me? All this time?
-->'''Eleventh Doctor:''' No. Because you're right - I don't look back, I can't. But the last time I was dying, I looked back on all of you. Every single one. And I was so ''proud''.
*** What makes it more heartwarming, is that Jo was somewhat in doubt about him being the Doctor, and that speech confirmed he was indeed ''her'' Doctor. What's more, Matt Smith looks a bit like Jon Pertwee (similar nose and eyes), and for that moment he even ''looks'' like the Third Doctor.
** After spending the most of the first part thinking the Doctor is dead, the reunion between the Doctor and Sarah Jane is extremely heartwarming, especially since everyone else had their doubts on who he was for a few minuties, because most of them were only familiar with the Tenth Doctor not the Eleventh (or in Jo's case just the first three Doctors), except good old Sarah Jane.
--> '''Sarah Jane''': It's you, isn't it? Oh, you've done it again!
--> '''The Eleventh Doctor''': (smiling) Hello, Sarah Jane.
!!Season 5
* Clyde's interactions with the homeless girl Ellie in "The Curse of Clyde Langer" fall somewhere between heartwarming and TearJerker.
** Clyde's first, but brief, meeting with her - Note that this is before he is cursed - he gives her some money for a bacon sandwich because, in his eyes, being a "Scrounger" might not be her fault.
* Sky, the only member of the main cast aside from Clyde himself not affected by the curse on his name, constantly works to force them to realize that their rage every time she mentions his name doesn't make any sense
* The interactions between Luke and Sky in "The Man Who Never Was." Despite this being the first time they've met in person, and their initial discomfort around one another, they soon do start acting like siblings, possibly due to their similar circumstances
** [[spoiler: Most notably, the end of the episode, when Luke gets Clyde to draw a picture for Sky and pin it up on her wall. Sky is absolutely delighted.]]
--> '''Sky:''' It's great.
--> '''Luke:''' Nothing's too good for my sister.
** Their most heartwarming moments can be summed up in this [[http://atomyc.tumblr.com/post/21786526897/nothings-too-good-for-my-sister-the-sarah-jane tumblr post]].
** The scene where Plark visits Luke and Sky in prison to bring them food and water, even though he'd probably be electrocuted for it is both this and a TearJerker. The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TnCWTbDiuQ music playing in the background]] seals the deal.
** [[spoiler: After being treated like crap for the entire episode, Plark and the Skullions finally go back home.]]