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Heartwarming: The Santa Clause
  • In the second film, Scott uses Santa's magic to give a bunch of adults a chance to let their inner child out by giving them the Christmas presents they loved most when they were little.
    • The first film has Scott's ex-wife finally admitting that he is Santa Claus and burning their son's custody papers.
    • For a lot of the movie, Scott just won't believe what's happening to him. It's very heartwarming when he finally accepts it and tells Charlie that.
      • "I love you, Santa Claus."
  • Though it was a funny Jerk Ass moment, it became a heartwarming moment when he revisited the little girl he was rude to, now accepting that he is Santa.
    Scott: This milk it's a little sour.
    Girl: It's Soy milk, you said you were lactose intolerant.
    Scott: I did, didn't I? Merry Christmas.
  • The relationship Scott and Lucy have. The fact that she calls him "Uncle Scott" even though they're not related and she's not his step-kid or anything. It's adorable.

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