Heartwarming / The Room

  • An out of universe example. In interviews featuring both Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, it's clear that Greg is fully aware that Tommy is kind of a nutjob, and that The Room is a hilariously awful movie. However, it seems like he's far too kind to actually say anything about it, and has remained friends with Wiseau for all these years, whereas many of the other actors have understandably not kept in touch with him. Power of friendship, right there.
    • As it is described in "Disaster Artist" book, their friendship is rather creepy.
  • And Tommy himself clearly loves his fans, even if he's not sure why they're laughing at his movie.
  • Another out of universe example. At the midnight screenings, the audience participation is just fantastic. A good example would be here, where an entire room of people all the say the exact same famous line at the same time...it's glorious.
  • Johnny's and Mark's constant statements about being best friends, when you know Wiseau wrote the part specifically for Greg Sestero, his only friend.
  • Johnny's speech about everyone loving each other, as well as his gentle handling of Denny lusting after his future wife. It's one of the few lines of Johnny-dialogue that feels genuine.
  • Johnny giving the flower shop dog a brief head-pat before departing. "Hai doggy!"
  • Their scenes are repetitive, and their personalities are unpleasant, but it's nice how Claudette pokes Lisa's nose every time they say goodbye, something only a mother could get away with.
    • The "I put my evil in you" meme it inspired at screenings may affect this somewhat.