Heartwarming / The Road to El Dorado

  • Blink and you miss it, but when Miguel and Tulio fantasize about playing gods in the temple, they give each other top billing.
  • Miguel exploring the city and bonding with the natives, set to "Without Question".
  • While being chased by the huge jaguar, Miguel shoves Tulio ahead of him so he'll make it through the crevice and later Tulio does the same thing for Miguel when the path is collapsing. This being after Tulio said "Forget Miguel" to Chel.
  • Near the end where Miguel jumps onto the boat to save Tulio and Chel.
    Tulio: Get off the boat Miguel, or you'll never see the city again!
    Miguel: I know. You don't think I'm going to let you have all the fun, do you?
    Tulio: [smiles, genuinely touched]
  • "If it's any consolation, Miguel - you made my life an adventure..." "And if it's any consolation, Tulio... You made my life rich!"
    • Even Altivo being a Silent Snarker about how corny it is can't kill the mood.
  • Just the True Companions sense you get from Miguel, Tulio, and Chel by the end.
  • The fact that Tulio would risk all his won gold for a "crappy map" just because Miguel wants it.
  • Tulio and Miguel stopping Tzekel-Kan from sacrificing a man despite the fact that it served no useful purpose to their scheme. They don't even hesitate - the minute they figure out what Tzekel-Kan's intentions are, Tulio mutters "I don't like this..." and Miguel declares that he needs to be stopped.
  • "To err is human." With four words, the chief has totally turned around his character throughout the film: he's on to the entire scheme, but he lets it by because Miguel and Tulio have brought happiness to his city, and now he's compassionate to Miguel's desire to stay. The smile he gives a stunned Miguel after saying this is the icing on top.
  • The scene in the temple where Tulio gives Chel a pair of gold earnings. A relatively minor gesture, but still sweet one nonetheless.