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Heartwarming: The Road to El Dorado
  • Blink and you miss it, but when Miguel and Tulio fantasize about playing gods in the temple, they give each other top billing.
  • Miguel exploring the city and bonding with the natives, set to "Without Question".
  • Near the end where Miguel jumps onto the boat to save Tulio and Chel.
    Tulio: Get off the boat Miguel, or you'll never see the city again!
    Miguel: I know. You don't think I'm going to let you have all the fun, do you?
    Tulio: [smiles, genuinely touched]
  • "If it's any consolation, Miguel - you made my life an adventure..." "And if it's any consolation, Tulio... You made my life rich!"
    • Even Altivo being a Silent Snarker about how corny it is can't kill the mood.
  • Just the True Companions sense you get from Miguel, Tulio, and Chel by the end.
  • The fact that Tulio would risk all his won gold for a "crappy map" just because Miguel wants it.

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