Heartwarming / The Right Stuff

  • All the wives rallying around Annie Glenn when LBJ gets more and more insistent on interviewing her, despite how increasingly pissy he gets each time he's denied.(Annie had a severe stutter, and really didn't want to be interviewed on live TV.) This culminates in him throwing a full-on temper tantrum in his car.
    • Continued with her husband John. He's just been released from sitting in his cramped Mercury Capsule waiting for what turns out to be an aborted launch. He's already hot, tired, and frustrated at the scrub when the Flight Director approaches with a "serious problem." Glenn is rushed to the phone to talk to his wife, who is in tears. Annie, stuttering even worse now because she's so upset, explains that LBJ wants to come in and interview her on live TV. The Flight Director, standing next to John, urges him to do it because it's coverage for the program. John takes a deep breath and tells Annie that if she doesn't want LBJ to come in, then that's it. The Vice President of the United States will not set one toe in their home, and he'll back her up one-hundred percent. He tells her he loves her and will see her soon, and the smile on his face when he hangs up shows exactly what is most important to him. Morphs into a Crowning Moment of Awesome when the Flight Director angrily implies that John Glenn will be replaced on the flight schedule for not cooperating. Cue the other six Mercury Astronauts, a group of men all competing to be next into space, surrounding them and asking "Oh yeah? Who you gonna get?" They shove the Flight Director and his aides aside and escort Glenn away in unison, patting him on the back, leaving the powerless and shaken Flight Director to mutter "Pilots..."
  • Yeager subtly sticking up for the Mercury astronauts when his fellow Air Force pilot is joking about Grissom "losing" his capsule, and for the spacemen doing stuff that "monkeys" had already done.
    "You think a monkey knows he's sitting on top of a rocket that might explode? These astronaut boys, they know that, see? It takes a special kind of man to volunteer for a suicide mission—especially one that's on TV. Ol' Gus—he did all right"