[[AC:The Three Railway Engines]]
* "Edward, Gordon, and Henry":
** There's the moment where Henry is let out of the tunnel after The Fat Controller asks him to pull the heavy express.
** In the ending, Edward and Henry take Gordon back to the sheds, thus cementing the three's friendship.

[[AC:Main Line Engines]]
* In "Buzz, Buzz", Duck's dislike for diesels was remedied after [=BoCo=] came to the sheds and revealed that he was a friend of Edward.
* "Edward's Exploit":
** Edward, who's often mocked for being the oldest engine, uses everything in him to pull a train after a serious breakdown. He shows up late at the station, but the passengers are so proud of him that they give him a round of applause.
** There's also Donald and Douglas being the last of the engines to accept [=BoCo=] into the family.

[[AC:James and the Diesel Engines]]
* In "Deep Freeze", James becomes more accepting of diesels after one of them had helped him after his injector fails.

[[AC:More About Thomas the Tank Engine]]
* In the ending of "Drip Tank", there's Thomas apologizing to Percy for his behavior towards him throughout the start of the book, especially when calling him a drip. Even more heartwarming when he asks that both of them can be friends again, which makes Percy happy.